For a long time, Arizona has enjoyed the reputation of being one of the top spots for elk hunting. At fall, many hunters rush to Arizona with the intention of grabbing a prize bull or for the sheer challenge of hunting the most elusive of all game animals, the elk.

The population level of elk has been inconsistent for the past hundred years. In an effort to maintain a more consistent level of elk population, large herds have been allowed to grow and thrive in Arizona. The elks can survive in a variety of habitats, which is why elk hunters are faced with an exciting choice of locations to pursue their hobby.

The Wapiti or the Rocky Mountain Elk is the most common variety of elk found in Arizona. The male Wapiti is around 700 pounds in weight, but he could possibly be larger. The Wapiti have thick hides and large organs. In addition, they have strong bones.

In order to bring down an elk efficienty with the least distress to it, you require a substantial amound of ammunition. Many amateur elk hunters underestimate the power of even a female elk till they meet it at close quarters. Amateurs also underestimate the ability of the elk to elude even experienced hunters.

Elk hunters usually get their equipment ready during mid-September to October. The elk mates during these months. Their natural habitats resound with the calls or bugles of agressive male elks seeking to mate with females. The bugling makes it easy for the elk hunters to grab an elk or two, which is why the elk mating season is the best time to hunt elk.

The market is full of fake elk bugles that hunters can use to entice the elk. However, you should be an expert hunter to use these devices. If you bugle excessively or too loudly, the elk will become alert to the fact that there is a hunter around. They will, then, become very quiet or simply move to a new location.

If you are planning an elk hunting trip in Arizona, take the help of an experienced guide, who can guide you through unfamiliar territory and give you invaluable tips about hunting large game. A good guide will be full of tricks, advise, and tips on bringing down the best elk. A guide will also help you to handle the creature once you have caught it. Even experienced elk hunters take the help of a professional guide when they go elk hunting in Arizona.