Arizona Mule Deer Hunts

(Guide License SP758745)

We offer mule deer hunts throughout Arizona in a variety of habitats for both the Rocky Mountain and Sonoran Desert mule deer subspecies. Arizona has lots of fantastic mule deer habitat although it might look vastly different from region to region. Our Arizona mule deer guides have a great record of finding mature bucks from Southern Arizona flats, to the famed Arizona Strip and North Kaibab regions…And anywhere else Arizona mule deer tags are valid! Regardless of which season and habitat type we’re hunting, we’ll keep glassing up muleys until you’re ready to pull the trigger on the buck of your dreams!

Strip and Kaibab Mule Deer Hunts

We love guiding mule deer hunts throughout Arizona’s infamous Strip and North Kaibab region (units 13A, 13B, 12AE, 12AW, 12B, 12BW) and have over three decades experience hunting this very special place. Every one of these units have the potential to produce the mule deer of your dreams, and every year multiple 200-inch bucks are taken here. Truly giant mule deer bucks rarely come easy, but if you’re looking for huge deer that rival the largest in North America, then this is the place to find them!
If you choose, our in-house application service will complete and submit all of your Strip and Kaibab draw paperwork for you. Clients who wish to hunt this region are recommended (but not required) to apply through the Zero Outfitter Fees program to take advantage of benefits like free guided mule deer hunts!

Rifle or Muzzleloader Strip and Kaibab Hunts

This is one of the premier mule deer hunts in the world, period. No other public land mule deer hunt in the U.S. offers a better chance at a 200-inch buck. Kaibab and Strip firearms seasons are scheduled during all phases of the rut. Choose to hunt the pre-rut in late October or the peak of the rut from mid-to-late November. The October hunt has dramatically better draw odds and weather, plus success rates are just as high as the frigid peak rut hunts in November!
Your Diamond Outfitters application consultant will review your options with you. This hunt can be booked for 5, 7 or 10 days depending on the season.

Archery Strip and Kaibab Hunts

Archery hunts in both Arizona’s Strip and North Kaibab units start in late August and run into September. You will be hunting 180” plus older age class bachelor bucks in velvet and opportunity rates for our clients during these hunts is over 90%! The discriminant mule deer hunter may have an opportunity at even larger bucks after passing many others. Primarily, our Archery hunts in this region are done over water or trace mineral salt blocks. Depending on the weather, we may include a fair amount of spot and stalk hunting as well. Temperatures on the Strip (unit 13) during this hunt are hot, but the hunting will be even hotter! Temperatures during the early archery season in Kaibab (unit 12) are normally pleasant with afternoon sprinkles fairly common.
We guide a limited number of these premier archery hunts each year so get in touch today to plan your Strip or Kaibab archery mule deer adventure!

Arizona Mule Deer Hunts Statewide (Except Strip and Kaibab)

Trophy mule deer bucks can be found throughout Arizona, not just north of the Grand Canyon. Our extensive staff of full-time guides lives throughout Arizona in cities and small towns right in the middle of sleeper units with solid populations of big, mature muleys. As a bonus, many of the general season hunts have great draw odds when compared to the Strip and Kaibab! And archers can hunt Arizona mule deer during the rut with an OTC tag. Explore Arizona mule deer country with us this year…Regardless of unit or season, you’re in for a great time!
General Season (firearms) hunts take place in October and November, with a very limited number of December rut tags available. Opportunity rates on these hunts are typically 100%.
Arizona’s early archery deer seasons start in August and run into September. The archery rut hunt starts in December and runs through January. Please note we must procure your OTC deer tag by December 1, for the following year.

Arizona General Season Mule Deer Hunts

If you’re not hunting the Strip or Kaibab there are still plenty of options throughout Arizona for an absolutely epic mule deer hunt! Depending on where you hunt, there are opportunities for both mule deer subspecies in Arizona. The northern half of the state is mostly “Rockies” and generally speaking, south of Maricopa County is Sonoran Desert mule deer country. Many of Arizona’s mule deer units have really good draw odds when compared to the Arizona Strip or Kaibab. Quality older age class deer are available statewide in hunt units that our guides know very well.
Arizona general season mule deer hunts take place in October or November. Some premium December rut tags are also available. Your Diamond Outfitters application consultant will review these options with you.
Opportunity rates on these hunts are typically 100%.

Arizona OTC Archery Mule Deer Hunts

No draw required! Arizona’s OTC deer seasons are lengthy, and they offer bowhunters a chance to hunt mule deer when they’re most visible. Early and late season archery hunts both provide tons of action and opportunity rates are very high. Our archery clients will either hunt spot and stalk or over water or trace mineral salt blocks. Your experienced mule deer guide will show you mature bucks regardless of hunt style during either archery deer season.
The early hunt starts in August and runs into September. The late rut hunt opens in December and runs into January. Please note, we must procure your deer OTC deer tag by December 1 for the following year.

If you’ve drawn an Arizona tag or would like to discuss your options for an upcoming draw or OTC mule deer hunt, give us a shout…We can’t wait to show you Arizona mule deer country!

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