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Diamond Outfitters Booked Hunt Deposit
$500 For All States And All Species.
This Will get you LOCKED in when you draw your tag.

Veteran Owned – Veteran Operated – Patriots Welcome

Your application is not complete until you fill out the PERMIT APPLICATION FORM, which will redirect you after payment.

PLEASE NOTE:  $500 of your deposit is for your future hunt and $20 is the Credit Card convenience fee.


Concierge Service:

When you make your initial one-time deposit of $520 to Diamond Outfitters, you receive multiple benefits. First, upon receipt of the deposit, a Diamond Outfitters team member will call you to review the upcoming seasons hunting opportunities in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Sonora, MX. You let us know what you are interested in and, based on your guidance, we begin to build your individual customer or group file. Then every January thereafter, your concierge representative will call you again for the following years hunting opportunities. Second, you get price protection on draw hunts, meaning, it doesn’t matter what year you draw, you are locked in at the price in the year you booked with us for life (this could potentially apply to some landowner hunts too)! Next, you get discounts on hunting gear, Diamond Outfitters merchandise and Diamond Outfitters “by invitation only” hunting trips, plus exclusive client discounts, cancellation hunts and discounts on Best of the West rifles and Huskemaw scopes. Welcome to the family!


PLEASE NOTE:  $500 of your deposit is for your future hunt and $20 is the Credit Card convenience fee.

Charges for the Arizona Draw will be: $160 for non-resident hunting license one time fee per year ($5 for youth 18 and under), $40 for each animal applied for. AZ Game and Fish will charge tag fees when drawn.

Charges for the New Mexico Draw will be: $70 for non-resident hunting license one time fee per year, and $40 application fee for each animal applied for. NM Department of Game and Fish charges for the tags “up front” and then refunds the fee if not drawn.

Charges for the Colorado Draw will be: approx. $95 for non-resident hunting license and applicable fees (one time fee per year), and $40 application fee for each animal applied for. CO will charge tag fees when drawn.

Diamond Outfitters Explained:

Hunting the West’s most elite trophies is now affordable for everyone! Have you ever dreamed of hunting screaming rutting bulls in the southwest?

How about the West’s most elite Elk, Pronghorn Antelope, Mule Deer, Coues Deer, Desert Bighorn Sheep, Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep, Bison or Gould’s Turkey hunts in Arizona or New Mexico’s premier Elk, Pronghorn Antelope, Mule Deer, Rocky Mountain Sheep and Ibex?

14 reviews for Book Your Hunt Deposit

  1. admin

    Tim A (OH)

    Diamond Outfitters is a first class full service outfitter that prides itself on quality, professionalism and taking care of the small details…. The communication between Dan and my guide months before the hunt were second to none….The organization certainly earns a 5-star highest rating….the equipment, food and facilities are top notch….my guide is a renowned expert and I was fortunate to hunt with him…from my first meeting with Dan I had a good feeling about Diamond Outfitters…my initial impressions proved to be spot on….thanks for an absolutely awesome hunt and record-book animal!

  2. admin

    Barry K

    What can I say but WOW! What I experienced was incredible. Archery hunting elk in the rut has got to be the most exhilarating hunt I have ever been on. I saw more elk on the first day than I had on all my other elk hunts combined. Your exceptional knowledge of the area and the elk had us inside the herds continuously. I have to mention the the day we had two big bulls fighting in front of us and tow small bulls so close behind us I could hear them breathing. Now that’s that’s getting up close and personal. I say again, WOW! Diamond Outfitters is top notch and I would recommend you to anybody looking for a great hunt. I will hunt with you again.

  3. admin

    Don P. (CA)

    Dan, you and your team exceed every expectation that I had! Thank you and everyone at Diamond Outfitters for an amazing outdoor experience in which I harvested a Kaibab Cactus buck! I feel blessed and could not have asked for a better guide. He is now a friend for life. He demonstrated knowledge, skill, guidance and patience that is obtained through experience and earned my respect. The other guides in camp are all excellent guides and fun to be around as well. The food and accommodations were the best I have ever experienced in a hunting camp. Cowboy Jim and Dave are gracious cooks and a pleasure to be with. Loved the Dutch oven cobbler! If there is anything I can do for you and your team let me know!

  4. admin

    Greg P.

    My archery bull elk hunt with Dan Adler of Diamond Outfitters in unit 9 was incredible! It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to hunt with guides Paul and Ray, both very professional and excellent at calling bugling bulls, putting me on bulls nearly every day. I was very impressed with their knowledge and hunting skills. They both worked exceptionally hard and as a result, I was able to harvest a beautiful giant bull! The entire Diamond Outfitters staff that I encountered (Dan, Paul, Ray and Nate) worked extremely hard to make this hunt a very memorable experience for me!

  5. admin

    Gary D.

    Simply put, it was time well spent. My expectations were exceeded, and friendships were made. The staff was excellent and they are quality men. Atmosphere around camp was always upbeat. There was quality and tasty food! Thanks to Paul for his dedication and effort on my behalf. Looking forward to returning and thanks again for a great hunt!

  6. admin

    Rob H.

    Dan, thank you for the great experience that you provided to my family and me. The professionalism that you and your team displayed was outstanding every day. You lead by example and it shows in every member of your team. Great men.

  7. admin

    Wyatt D.

    Dan – I just want to say “thanks!” for the great week of hunting elk in Arizona. You and your crew did an awesome job keeping all your clients housed, fed and as comfortable as weather conditions would allow. You run a 5 Star outfit. I really enjoyed meeting and getting to know most of your guides while in camp. You have a great bunch of talented, hard working men. Thanks again and looking forward to hunting with you again someday.

  8. admin


    My guide Ricardo was great! He was a great teacher and put me on deer every day of my hunt. His cooking was top-notch and he was good company the whole time. Because I was never taught as a kid, I needed to hire a “Dad” to show me how to hunt. Ricardo was perfect for this hunt. Thank you!

  9. admin

    Dick R.

    I have hunted twice with Diamond Outfitters and guide Chris, and plan to hunt with them again. Very organized operation, with skilled, hard working guides. Makes for a great operation. Thanks Dan and Chris!

  10. admin

    Ron H.

    I would love to be able to hunt with Diamond Outfitters again. My guide Brett, was awesome. He worked his butt off to try and find a deer. Nate, Dan and Paul went above and beyond to help put us on deer as well. Even if I had not harvested a deer, I would still use Diamond Outfitters again.

  11. admin

    Rosey K.

    I would like to take a minute to say “thank you” to Paul, Nate, Ray and Dan. It was a great experience for me and thanks to my brother for taking me. Everything was exceptional. Super nice people and hospitality. Could not have asked for a better trip and experience. Absolutely loved every minute and I sure hope I get the chance to do it again!

  12. admin

    Ammon W.

    As I am now 61 years old, it was on my bucket list to hunt elk out of a remote setting. It was a wonderful experience for me being able to push myself but not over what I could handle. Getting to rent a rifle and then shoot my elk at 550 yards was amazing. Arriving 2 days early to get used to the altitude was a plus since I live at 450 ft. above sea level. The guides and management were all great and ready to help someone else as soon as their first client tagged out. My guide Dylan was not afraid to take his pickup in the roughest terrain he could find to get away from people and into where the bulls were. Even when in a dry year I was still able to take a tremendous bull and it will look great beside the fireplace at my whitetail camp in PA. Thanks again for a great hunt and a special thanks to Paul and Tim for helping get my bull out.

  13. Jaimeabola

    Подчеркнем, какой в нашем рейтинге лучших букмекерских контор РФ фигурируют только легальные компании. Как отличить их путем тех, кто действует вне закона? Вдосталь очень просто.

    Первостатейный признак легальной БК – это, разумеется, наличие официального разрешения чрез властей нашей страны на манипуляция деятельности применительно приему ставок чтобы спорт онлайн. Подобные лицензии выдает регулятор рынка – Федеральная налоговая служба. Сиречь правило, документы бессрочные, всетаки иногда их обладатели должны обновлять «бумаги». Таким образом, ФНС подтверждает, что букмекер работает честно и соблюдает вечно нормы законодательства.


    Кроме того, все легальные компании входят в одну из саморегулируемых организаций (СРО) букмекеров, а в плане финансовых операций сотрудничают с Центром управления переводов интерактивных ставок (ЦУПИС). Тотчас в России пить два таких посредника:

    Застрельщик ЦУПИС – ООО НКО «Мобильная карта».
    Последующий ЦУПИС – «Киви-банк».
    Обратите хлопоты, который в интернете бранить много оффшорных букмекеров. Эти компании, словно постановление, зарегистрированы ради Кюрасао, Мальте, в Гибралтаре. В России они считаются нелегальными: Роскомнадзор блокирует их официальные сайты, воззрение запрещает им довершать пари для реальные бумажка с гражданами нашей страны. Пьеса для ставках в таких БК сопряжена с риском потери собственных средств и утечки персональных данных. Поэтому мы рекомендуем делать ставки ради спорт исключительно в легальных российских букмекерских конторах. Всего в этом случае вы будете уверены в неразглашении персональной и платежной информации, а также в книга, какой в спорных ситуациях ваши права защитит государство.

  14. StevenVog

    Не менее важным фактором выбора БК является внутренняя цена, используемая для ставок. Используя интернет букмекерские конторы могут активно развертываться в разных странах, а не только в той, в которой она зарегистрирована. Идеальным вариантом для пользователя, довольно тот, когда БК использует валюту, которой покупатель пользуется в повседневной жизни. В противном случае отруби денег изрядно теряться быть конвертации валюты неожиданно крыться пополнении депозита, беспричинно и присутствие выводе денег. Стоит отметить, сколько способ вывода денег и пополнения также играет большую роль. Прежде тем, одинаковый начать восторгаться услугами БК необходимо подробно изучить способы работы с внутренним счетом.


    В большинстве постоянно букмекерские конторы предлагают одинаковые условия пополнения: банковская карта, электронные кошельки и другие способы. Кроме этого, презрительно выучить внутренние правила платежных систем, беспричинно вроде здесь могут знаться комиссии, что скажется для сумме вывода. Большинство пользователей большое внимание уделяют скорости вывода денег чтобы непосредственный счет и здесь даже и самых надежных компаний могут оставаться разные цифры. Одни позволяют получить деньги помощью порядочно минут, другие в течение нескольких дней. Именно в этом разделе чаще всего возникают споры, так чистый пользователи думают, какой их обманывают и лишают нравственный заработанных денег. Сроки вывода денег прописаны в пользовательском сочетание, которое стоит прочитать, а не просто поставить галочку, сколько с ним ознакомлены. Также гордо прежде проверять, позволяет ли БК заключение деньги без идентификации иначе потребуется прохождение регистрации в ЦУПИС.

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