Mountain Lion (Arizona Only)

Our lion guides, Mike and Layne are relentless both on dry ground or snow with an incredible track record of success. Mountain lion hunters come from as far away as South Africa to hunt lions with us! The mountain lion is one of the most challenging cats to hunt anywhere on earth. With cunning instincts, a second-to-none will to live and binocular vision, Arizona’s lion population, at nearly 3,000 cats, is above the state population objective and is having a negative impact on most wildlife species in our state, especially mule deer and Coues deer. Our lion season is approximately 9 months long and tags are over the counter. The most productive way to hunt mountain lions with us is with hounds, and (if you are comfortable) off of mules or horses. Hunts are conducted largely on large tracts of public or private land, well off the grid. Some ranchers also call upon us when a calf has been predated upon. Game Wardens will sometimes put us on an elk or deer kill too. Ultimately, we will hunt wherever provides you with the best chance of success at a big tom. During the right season, a mountain lion/black bear combo hunt is a very popular option.

Guide Profile- Professional Houndsman Mike Harris has been part of the Diamond Outfitters family for over a decade. Mike loves to hunt most of Arizona and Sonora’s most iconic species, but nothing compares to Mike’s passion for running his hounds for lions and/or bears. Over the years, Mike established himself as a stand-alone outfitter on public, private and tribal lands. As Mike’s company HD Trophy Hunts, and Diamond Outfitters grew rapidly, both companies saw the extreme value and strength that would come from a unified outfit. As such, Mike merged his company fully into Diamond Outfitters and today runs more guided lion and black bear hunts than anyone we know of with an incredible amount of happy, repeat clients. Stronger Together! (Pic of Mike with lion)

Veteran Owned and Operated

Dan Adler, Owner/Guide – Veteran Captain of USAF
Many of our Guides are Veterans and First Responders.