Guided Elk Hunts

We are blessed and humbled to be able to say nobody successfully guides more elk hunters out West than Diamond Outfitters! We offer full service outfitted hunts in two states and have both draw and private land opportunities available so there’s always a place for you with us in elk country! We only hunt areas that provide superior age and genetic potential. We hunt trophy bull elk throughout the west on public and private land targeting mature 330”+ bulls. Bulls from 340”-380” plus are available during good moisture years in our premier units as seen in our photo album and on our TV show. Our top bull in company history is “Waldo” at just over 440 inches (gross) he is the number 7 bull elk all-time SCI world record.
Depending on the season, elk hunts can be booked as 5, 7, 10, or 14 day trips. Opportunity rates on trophy bulls exceed 95%.

Take a look at the Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico elk hunting opportunities below, then contact us to plan your trip! Let’s start making memories today!

Arizona Elk Hunts

We offer guided and outfitted elk hunts throughout Arizona on 13.1 million acres of public and/or private land. Regardless if you’ve drawn an early archery tag, early rifle or muzzleloader tag, late rifle tag, or anything in between, our full time Arizona elk guides will put you on pre-scouted bulls, and you’ll have a great time in the process! Do not be concerned about elk being a draw. First, our in-house application Team will do all of your draw paperwork for you and two, every year multiple clients draw the first year we put them in! Clients for Arizona elk can certainly benefit from our Zero Outfitter Fees program but it is only recommended, not required.

Arizona Early Archery Bull Hunts

Arizona’s early archery bull hunt is arguably, the premier archery elk hunt in the world! Dreams are made here every September and we would love a chance to help you achieve yours! If the rut is in full swing during your hunt, it is not uncommon to stalk bulls all day, calling as needed to capitalize on opportunities. When appropriate, sitting wallows and water holes offer incredible success for our clients as well.

Arizona early archery bull hunts can be booked for 7, 10 or 14 days.

We are internationally known for the success of our clients during Arizona’s early archery elk season. Our full-time Arizona elk guides live for creating life altering encounters amid bugling bulls and picturesque Arizona elk country. Contact us to start making memories…We would be honored to play a part in the best elk hunt of your life!

Arizona Early Rifle and Muzzleloader Hunts

This hunt is without question the most desired firearm/muzzleloader elk hunt on the planet and every year we take a very limited number of hunters to maximize trophy potential. The elk will be rutting heavily during this hunt and mature bulls should be vocal and active which allows us to target big, mature, 350”+ bulls in certain units. In our best moisture years, bulls can even exceed 400” in our best areas!
Early rifle and muzzleloader guided elk hunts are booked for the entire 7-day season.
Harvest rates on this hunt are typically 100% year after year.
For a taste of Arizona’s early rifle elk season, check out our video section on this website or click on one of the videos on this page.
Client’s for this hunt should consider (insert zof live link) for a free guided hunt.

Arizona Late Season Elk Hunts

Arizona’s late rifle and late archery elk hunts take place in November and early December. We have taken hundreds and hundreds of giant bulls on these late hunts, and the draw odds are absolutely incredible relative to the quality of bulls typically available.

Arizona Late Season Rifle Elk

Late season rifle elk hunts in Arizona are booked for 7 days, and hunters can expect lots of glassing for bulls in areas they retire to after the rut. We are targeting mature 300”-350” bulls, and larger bulls may be available in our top areas when conditions are right.

Opportunity rates are typically 100% on the late rifle elk hunts.

Arizona Late Season Archery Elk

Late season archery elk hunts are Arizona’s easiest elk hunts to draw, perhaps the most challenging, but definitely one of the most rewarding after your bull is on the ground! We will employ a variety of tactics to put you on mature bulls in prime Arizona late season elk country!
Archers can book late season hunts for 7, 10 or 14 days.

Draw an Arizona elk tag? Get in touch to discuss your best elk hunt yet!

Check out the following Best of the West episodes that highlight late season elk hunts with Diamond Outfitters:

New Mexico Elk Hunts

Our New Mexico guided elk hunts take place on both public and private land. We have exciting opportunities to hunt New Mexico bull elk by either drawing a tag, or choosing to hunt one of our several ranches with a New Mexico landowner tag. We love spending time in New Mexico Elk country and can’t wait to show you a great time while hunting big New Mexico bull elk! Clients for New Mexico elk can certainly benefit from our Zero Outfitter Fees program but it is only recommended not required.

New Mexico Private Land Elk Hunts

We offer private land elk hunts throughout New Mexico. Our New Mexico elk ranches are hand-selected by our Outfitter after an extensive research and planning process. These hunts require NO DRAW and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. On our premier unit-wide elk hunts (landowner tag-no draw required) in September and October, bulls from 300”-350” are our target, and bulls over 370” are taken occasionally in these units.
Hunt dates for archers are typically Sept 1-15 and 16-24, while firearms hunts take place in October. On some ranches, elk season is Oct 1-Dec 31st offering our clients incredible flexibility.

New Mexico Elk Draw Hunts

Our guided New Mexico draw elk clients are applied in a special guide/outfitter applicant pool that gives them nearly quadruple improved draw odds when compared to other non-residents! Plus our in-house application service takes care of your draw application to maximize your chances of drawing a New Mexico elk tag. All archery, rifle and muzzleloader draw clients will be hunting only in areas that consistently produce 300-350+ inch bulls.
There are two September archery elk seasons and three October firearms elk seasons in New Mexico. The archery and early October hunts (often the muzzleloader season) provide the most exciting bugling and rut action, but mid-October rifle hunts still have some leftover rut activity to enjoy while increasing your chance of success with a mature New Mexico bull elk! If you are not a member of (insert zof link) we recommend you join for this draw hunt to be outfitted and guided by us for free.
Join us in New Mexico Elk Country…There’s plenty of options to get you in the elk woods this year!

Cow Elk (Arizona or New Mexico)

Cow elk hunts are a lot of fun and a great way to fill the freezer. Cow tags are fairly easy to come by in AZ, guaranteed in NM. Archery hunts take place during the rut and are very exciting and fast paced. Rifle hunts take place in October, November or December when the elk are in large herds on winter range. Opportunity and harvest rates are 100% historically. A great hunt for all experience levels.

Veteran Owned and Operated

Dan Adler, Owner/Guide -Veteran USAF Officer and Command Pilot for the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office
Safari Club International - Arizona ChapterHunter of the Year Many of our Guides are Veterans and First Responders.