Antelope (Arizona and New Mexico)

We are very, very well known for our antelope hunts. Our company’s historical Arizona antelope score is over the 82 inches B and C minimum, with some scoring over 90’, including a world record class 93’+. New Mexico boasts guaranteed landowner and draw tags with antelope bucks ranging from 70′-82’ with a real chance at even bigger in good moisture and lower predation years. Harvest rates on trophy bucks are 100% for rifle hunters and archery hunters will have multiple stalks and high opportunity and harvest rates as well. We are hunting both public and private land in AZ and mostly, if not all, private land in NM. Rifle hunts typically take place in August or September during the rut and pre-rut activity during the August archery season makes for a great action packed hunt as well. Through some ranching projects with New Mexico Game and Fish some private land antelope hunts can even be conducted in October.

(Header photo by George Andrejko – AZGFD)
New Mexico antelope hunts take place on private land in the most well known units of central and central eastern NM. Trophy quality is readily available most years with 75’-80’ bucks prominent and “Booners” roam on all of our ranches for those hunters willing to hold out. Most NM antelope hunts are 3 days.

Veteran Owned and Operated

Dan Adler, Owner/Guide – Veteran Captain of USAF
Many of our Guides are Veterans and First Responders.