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Arizona Guided Black Bear Hunts

Secretive by nature, Arizona’s black bears inhabit some of the most rugged, remote, and beautiful country in the state. Plus, no other state offers more color phase bears per-capita than Arizona! Our Arizona guided black bear hunts are conducted by spot-and-stalk from glassing points, OR behind our highly skilled hounds, on foot or off of mules and horses, with some of the best bear hunting guides in Arizona!

Whether you choose to hunt behind hounds, or prefer a spot and stalk style hunt, your bear hunting experience with us will lead you on an unforgettable adventure in rugged and scenic Arizona bear country…Get in touch…Let’s plan future memories, today!

Arizona fall bear hunts are one of our most popular OTC options. There are two distinct August/September bear seasons, plus a third October/November season that is just as incredible and productive.

Spring bear hunts in Arizona are also over the counter (no hound hunting in the Spring), and with almost no hunters in the field that time of year, the privacy and serenity are top-notch.

Spot and Stalk Bear Hunting

A spot and stalk bear hunt entails getting to a vantage point and glassing for bears as they exploit food sources or move from food to their daytime bedding areas. It’s not uncommon to see numerous bears in a single canyon during your spot and stalk Arizona bear hunt. The scenery is breathtaking from the glassing vistas and your experienced bear hunting guides know Arizona bear country very well!

It’s always such a rush of adrenaline when someone abruptly says “got a bear” while they’re glassing, and you know it could be go time very soon! Sometimes bears will be glassed up within rifle range of your first position, but usually we must get closer to the bear for a good shot. A flat-shooting rifle and confidence behind it come in handy for cross-canyon shooting on your Arizona spot and stalk bear hunt.

Bear Hunting with Hounds

It’s no secret that bear hunting with hounds is an exhilarating experience! There’s just something special about watching Arizona’s best bear hunting dogs work for you at the hand of your seasoned bear hunting guide. You will follow dogs on foot or horseback through some of Arizona’s most awe-inspiring bear country, leading you on an unforgettable adventure! More often than not, a big Arizona bruin will be waiting at the end, surrounded by a pack of tough bear hounds that love what they do.

Hound Hunt Availability

We’ve got a few spots left for black bear hunts behind experienced hounds. Our highly skilled houndsmen will lead you through Arizona’s rugged and scenic bear country with some of the best hounds in the west! Book your hunt, then hold on for the ride…This one can be pure adrenaline!

Seven-day bear/lion combo hunts are also available. Check out our mountain lion page to learn more about hunting big cats with us.

Check the dates below, then CLICK HERE to start making memories!

August 20 | October 11 | November 5

We live for big country and color phase bruins…AZ bear hunts are by far our most popular OTC option, and with a nearly 100% success rate, it’s easy to see why! Buy a tag, give us a call, and have the time of your life this year! We can’t wait to show you Arizona bear country!

Veteran Owned and Operated

Dan Adler, Owner/Guide – Veteran Captain of USAF
Many of our Guides are Veterans and First Responders.