New Mexico, Utah, Nevada And Wyoming Mule Deer Hunts

Our trophy mule deer hunts in NM, NV, UT, and WY are provided by a variety of Diamond Outfitters affiliate partners who are licensed, permitted and registered in each respective state. Your outfitter assignment will vary based on what animal and state you are hunting to ensure the Outfitter’s expertise, experience, and local knowledge work in your favor. Each of our partner outfitters are highly respected professional guides and most of them are personal friends of ours. Legendary names like Josh Martoglio, Victor Trujillo, and Brett Guymon to name a few, are great partners and indicative of the type of talent available to our clients

State license and application fees are non-refundable. Utah and Nevada charge the big game tag fees only after a successful draw. Upfront tag fees are required for WY draw tags.  Refunds are typically sent out within 60 days if you are unsuccessful in the draw minus the application fee.

Included with NM, NV, UT, and WY Hunts:
Fully Guided: Guides, lodging, meals (including non-alcoholic beverages and snacks), USFS, and/or BLM permits, State Land permits, all trophy fees, meat/trophy prep for taxidermist and butcher.
Semi-Guided: Same as fully guided but no meals or lodging.
Not included in either package: Gratuities (we recommend 15%-20% for guides based on your level of satisfaction and $25/ day for the camp cook), each state’s licenses, big-game permit tag/s and the application fee of $45 per species, per person.

New Mexico Draw Mule Deer Hunts

(Outfitter Registration-4576)

New Mexico has some fantastic mule deer units that have consistently produced great bucks for our clients. The November rut hunts will provide our hunters opportunities at big New Mexico muleys in the 170”-180” range, with larger bucks available during the best years. Most clients should consider our Zero Outfitter Fees program for this (and other) draw hunts. When you draw, your hunt is fully guided for free. In fact, a Zero Outfitter Fees client killed a 218″ on the November hunt in 2021

Prior to applying for New Mexico Mule Deer hunts, our team will review draw options with you to ensure you’re matched with the right hunt opportunity for your unique situation.

All of our NM hunts are conducted under the permits and guide service of Matt Woodward and Borderland Adventures who merged with Diamond Outfitters in 2019.

Nevada Draw Mule Deer Hunts

(Master Guide Registration-1511509)

Nevada has a long standing reputation as one of the premier mule deer destinations out West. While the deer herd in this state has seen some struggles in recent years, the areas we focus on do still produce the caliber of bucks The Silver State is known for. These hunts are almost exclusively spot and stalk hunts so bring the best glass you own mounted to a tripod for best results. We will access this big country via 4×4 trucks and on foot. Most clients should consider our Zero Outfitter Fees program for this (and other) draw hunts.

Utah Draw Mule Deer Hunts

(Outfitter Registration-10753984-7500)

Utah is Arizona’s closest rival for producing absolute giant mule deer. This herd is thriving and in some areas growing. These are spot and stalk hunts and the focus is always on 4-5 year old, and older, fully mature bucks. Having good glass and comfortable, broken in, hiking boots is a must. Clients should be mentally prepared to pass on numerous good bucks if they want to harvest a true Utah bomber buck. Most clients should consider our Zero Outfitter Fees program for this hunt in Utah paired with elk, moose, mountain goat or other species.

Wyoming Draw Mule Deer Hunts

(Outfitter Registration-BG-019)

Wyoming manages their mule deer herd a little differently than most other Western states. No other state provides as much hunting opportunity for residents as does The Cowboy State, and for non-residents many true trophy hunts still exist. Through some tough winters, high predation and lots of hunting–the General Units are not what they once were. Therefore we are focusing our hunts in units managed for a higher buck to doe ratio and older class deer in only the more premier units. These are generally spot and stalk hunts but if you are open to a horseback camp, we might have an option or two up our sleeve for you. Wyoming’s mule deer habitat is absolutely breathtaking. Zero Outfitter Fees hunts in Wyoming include mule deer, elk, Rocky Mountain Bighorn, mountain goat, Shiras moose, bison and antelope.

Veteran Owned and Operated

Dan Adler, Owner/Guide -Veteran USAF Officer and Command Pilot for the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office
Safari Club International - Arizona Chapter Hunter of the Year Many of our Guides are Veterans and First Responders.