We have well over 1,500 happy clients that are ready to speak with you as a reference. Many have provided us feedback that you can read below. Please contact us to receive as many phone numbers of our references that you would like. Our past hunters are our best sales people!

Barry K

What can I say but WOW! What I experienced was incredible. Archery hunting elk in the rut has got to be the most exhilarating hunt I have ever been on. I saw more elk on the first day than I had on all my other elk hunts combined. Your exceptional knowledge of the area and the elk had us inside the herds continuously. I have to mention the the day we had two big bulls fighting in front of us and tow small bulls so close behind us I could hear them breathing. Now that’s that’s getting up close and personal. I say again, WOW! Diamond Outfitters is top notch and I would recommend you to anybody looking for a great hunt. I will hunt with you again.

Jim P..

This was my first western hunt and I could not have been happier. I had an outstanding guide, Devon McLean, who exceeded my expectations. We saw so many elk we could not count them all!! This hunt was outstanding. I learned so much about elk and elk hunting that this will be one of my all time memorable hunts. Devon, thank you. Dan, thank you. You both made this so enjoyable and a hunt of a lifetime.

Ben D.

Diamond did an excellent job accommodating my style of hunting. I’m all about going after em, not sitting in the truck. We put the hours and miles in day after day, once we finally got em found my guides Bubba and Gabe made magic happen. We put an arrow in a big mature elk at 35 yards. Life changing experience.

Doug M.

I have hunted Elk in Idaho for the past 20 years. I have never experienced the rut and with giant bulls as I did on my hunt with your organization this year. Being in the middle of multiple bulls 360+, screaming their heads off and watching my guide maneuver through the herds was absolutely amazing. I will never forget this trip and look forward to the next one. Thank you!

Nathan A.

Diamond Outfitters is an amazing guide service. Extremely knowledgeable group and THE best customer service. Dan’s guys worked their butts off to put me in a position to take my biggest bull elk to date!

Brett T.

Can’t thank Dan and Diamond Outfitters enough for my and my wife’s amazing elk hunt in New Mexico. The highlight was working with you and the team. Wonderful guides, great men, lifelong friends. Oh, and great elk!

Mark L.

New Mexico Elk hunt was the most challenging of my hunting experiences. My guide was professional and allowed plenty of time for me to maneuver through the terrain. Plenty of opportunities for shots and took a great trophy home.

John H.

Just finished my late season elk hunt in unit 10 and will recommend you to everyone!! Was an awesome experience! Filled my tag and had a terrific experience! Guides were unbelievable and helpful and courteous! Kept my spirits up when things were tough and sealed the deal with a beautiful specimen! Will be back and I will make sure I eat in cook Super Dave’s camp!! His food rocks!!

Dan P.

I had a great experience with Diamond Outfitters from the start. Dan and Matt were very helpful with answering any questions I may have had. John was my guide, he was very understanding of the size of elk that I wanted. I couldn’t have been happier on how the hunt went

Bob Z.

Wonderful hunt. Diamond Outfitters is a genuine professional business. I can not say enough about the quality of the camp and the guides. I would have been equally satisfied, even if I had not harvested an elk. Everyone went above and beyond in helping me harvest an elk. Thanks again.

Payton F.

Jace and Devon were wonderful guides on our successful elk hunt. Both of them were very knowledgeable and a pleasure to be around. The hunt was everything I had hoped for and more. Thanks guys

Rabun W.

Had a good hunt and tagged out the first morning. Guide and I were able to stalk across an open field to get a shot at a cow elk and dropped it with my longest shot to date. Awesome country and lots of wildlife in the area.

John Y

Hey Dan, I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful trip of a lifetime. This elk hunt could not have played out any better, even in my dreams. Giant bull down!

Greg P.

My archery bull elk hunt with Dan Adler of Diamond Outfitters in unit 9 was incredible! It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to hunt with guides Paul and Ray, both very professional and excellent at calling bugling bulls, putting me on bulls nearly every day. I was very impressed with their knowledge and hunting skills. They both worked exceptionally hard and as a result, I was able to harvest a beautiful giant bull! The entire Diamond Outfitters staff that I encountered (Dan, Paul, Ray and Nate) worked extremely hard to make this hunt a very memorable experience for me!

Wyatt D.

Dan – I just want to say “thanks!” for the great week of hunting elk in Arizona. You and your crew did an awesome job keeping all your clients housed, fed and as comfortable as weather conditions would allow. You run a 5 Star outfit. I really enjoyed meeting and getting to know most of your guides while in camp. You have a great bunch of talented, hard working men. Thanks again and looking forward to hunting with you again someday.

Ammon W.

As I am now 61 years old, it was on my bucket list to hunt elk out of a remote setting. It was a wonderful experience for me being able to push myself but not over what I could handle. Getting to rent a rifle and then shoot my elk at 550 yards was amazing. Arriving 2 days early to get used to the altitude was a plus since I live at 450 ft. above sea level. The guides and management were all great and ready to help someone else as soon as their first client tagged out. My guide Dylan was not afraid to take his pickup in the roughest terrain he could find to get away from people and into where the bulls were. Even when in a dry year I was still able to take a tremendous bull and it will look great beside the fireplace at my whitetail camp in PA. Thanks again for a great hunt and a special thanks to Paul and Tim for helping get my bull out.

George K.

Great “guide match” for me with Justin. One of the best I have had the privilege of hunting with. He was fun to be with, very knowledgeable and understood the potential of a 73-year-old elk hunter in me. He provided a most comfortable camper sleeping arrangement, particularly with the frigid temperatures that we were experiencing. Thank you for a great hunt and thank you for all you do for Veterans!

Rich C.

Dan, I want to thank you and my guide Chris for a fantastic elk hunting experience. It was great that you could spend some days in camp with us too! The hunt was everything I expected, and it was thrilling to hear and see so many mature elk! Thanks for everything!

Bob S.

Diamond Outfitters is a class act. I had a great trip from start to finish. When the rut is slow and you’re still on elk every day, and even multiple times a day, that says something. We saw more shooter bulls than I could imagine. Sleeping quarters were great. Nothing got wet even when it rained a few days. The food was absolutely amazing. Overall, my hunt was way more than my dreams ever imagined.

Donna M

Dan, thank you and my guide Chris for the incredible elk hunt and services you provided. When I found out I had been drawn I couldn’t believe it. My husband and I discussed the issues at hand and decided I should hire a guide service. We did not know the area and I would be hunting alone. I slowly weeded through a list of 10 or so guide services and after many questions I felt comfortable that Diamond Outfitters was best suited to help me with my hunt.
Chris and I began our hunter-guide relationship long before the hunt and was ready to help me with any and all my concerns. Chris even met with me and my husband prior to the hunt to show us around the area I would be hunting, which greatly helped me to understand the rough terrain and high altitude that I was preparing for. Thanks to Chris and his expertise in guiding, I harvested a great elk at 190 yards, which is now in my freezer!
My living quarters for the hunt were great, good food and good people who were absolutely the greatest! I thank Chris and all his other friends I met on Thanksgiving Day, his wife and family for helping me have a fantastic hunt. I would recommend Diamond Outfitters to anyone looking for a first-class operation. Thank you for making a “hunter grandma” feel comfortable and successful with her hunt!

Bob D.

I had THE EPIC ELK HUNT! We had it all! The full experience! We had weather challenges (huge snow). Equipment challenges (due to snow). We saw a lot of bulls. Passed on a couple and took a really nice one. Big! Huge! This was my third hunt with them and I plan to go again. I have also referred others to them and will continue to do so!

Jerry C.

Solid group of guys!! Solid outfitter!! Had a great time even weathering through tough snow and wind on the late elk hunt. I’ve never seen so many critters as when I have hunted with Diamond Outfitters!! Would highly recommend these guys!! Thank you Dan Adler and all your crew for helping me take my best bull yet!

John C.

Diamond Outfitters made my dream come true. I always wanted to shoot an elk at long range. When the guides spotted a giant elk at 950 yards across on the other mountain it was a moment I will never forget. The intense pressure of shooting 950 yards, with 3 people watching and all the practice and preparing for this trip for five years was all in me making this shot. I put the blue diamond scope on 950 and my guide said slow, easy trigger squeeze. The 168 grain Berger vld hit that elk in the neck and he never even got up out of his bed. Diamond Outfitters and guides made my hunt of a lifetime, one I will always remember. Thank you very much.

Don R.

Our hunt was challenged by the hot weather and no rain but I always felt my guide had total control of my hunt. He made sure that I enjoyed the hunt every day. He and I laughed at my failures and I had fun hunting every day. My son and I both harvested Elk on the 13th day of our hunt. Hunt conditions can be beyond the control of the outfitter and I would encourage everyone who is fortunate enough to draw an Arizona archery elk tag to allocate 14 days to the hunt. For my son and I it was the hunt of a lifetime and I hope to live long enough to do it again. Kudos to our guides and outfitter! We were out of state hunters and we would not have been successful without Diamond Outfitters.

Joe S.

We tagged out the first morning of our hunt. Our guide was obsessed with getting us what we wanted, which was a big bull elk. When we got there the day before our hunt, he immediately took us out to spot for elk so we we didn’t feel like we were going out the next morning blind. We had a great time and my guide was incredible, and took care of me and my Dad like we were family.

Veteran Owned and Operated

Dan Adler, Owner/Guide -Veteran USAF Officer and Command Pilot for the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office
Safari Club International - Arizona Chapter Hunter of the Year Many of our Guides are Veterans and First Responders.