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entered into upcoming draws. Not for Landowner or OTC

When you make your initial one-time deposit of $500 to Diamond Outfitters, you receive multiple benefits. First, upon receipt of the deposit, a Diamond Outfitters team member will call you to review the upcoming seasons hunting opportunities in Arizona, New Mexico and Sonora, MX. You let us know what you are interested in and, based on your guidance, we begin to build your individual customer or group file. Then every January thereafter, your concierge representative will call you again for the following years hunting opportunities. Second, you get price protection on draw hunts, meaning, it doesn’t matter what year you draw, you are locked in at the price in the year you booked with us for life (this could potentially apply to some landowner hunts too)! Next, you get discounts on hunting gear, Diamond Outfitters merchandise and Diamond Outfitters “by invitation only” hunting trips, plus exclusive client discounts, cancellation hunts and discounts on Best of the West rifles and Huskemaw scopes. Welcome to the family!

If you have any of the following Game & Fish accounts, please fill in below: (If you do not already have them, we will set these up for you.)
Only 4 per Application
This is the card we will use to purchase your hunting license(s), tag(s) and application fees when needed:

What is 40+9?

Charges for the Arizona Draw will be: $160 for non-resident hunting license one time fee per year ($5 for youth 18 and under), $45 for each animal applied for. AZ Game and Fish will charge tag fees when drawn.

Charges for the New Mexico Draw will be: $85 for non-resident hunting license one time fee per year, and $40 application fee for each animal applied for. NM Department of Game and Fish charges for the tags “up front” and then refunds the fee if not drawn.