Applying for the Arizona Draw

Applying for big game hunts in Arizona isn’t as complicated as some make it out to be! Since the Arizona Game and Fish Department has transitioned to all online applications for all big game species, the process couldn’t be easier. After creating your online portal account, click on the big game draw link and follow the instructions…Yep! That’s it!

We realize that some of you are busy with life, family, work. I mean, we get it! We would hate for you to miss an Arizona application deadline because you’re just too busy with doing your thing; that’s why we offer a concierge service for you! We’ll build out your customer profile according to your requests and apply you for the Arizona draw. Applying for an Arizona tag online is pretty easy, but isn’t it easier for us to take care of the details so you can focus on living your best life?

Arizona Hunting License Cost

The cost of your Arizona hunting license varies depending on age and resident status. An Arizona hunting license must be purchased in order for you to apply for hunts in the big game draw or purchase an OTC tag. The cost of an Arizona hunting license is paid up front and is non-refundable, even if you don’t draw a tag. If you want to apply for consecutive years, plan the purchase of your hunting license wisely so you can apply twice for the price of one license. The caveat is that if you draw on the second year, you will have to purchase another Arizona hunting license to have with you when opening day arrives.

Please reference the table below for current Arizona hunting license prices.

By purchasing an Arizona Combination Hunt and Fish license for $160, non-residents will be eligible to apply for Arizona big game hunts. Non-resident youth 17 years and younger may take advantage of the Youth Combination Hunt and Fish license for only $5 and can enjoy reduced rates for Arizona Youth big game tags if drawn.


Arizona residents may purchase either a General Hunting, Combination Hunt and Fish, or Youth license to be eligible for the draw. Hunting license costs are reasonable for Arizona residents and reduced rate youth hunter licenses and tags are a great incentive to get the kids outside!

Arizona Big Game Tags

Arizona has two types of big game tags available for hunters. Permit tags are drawn in the application process, and non-permit (OTC) tags can be purchased over the counter at retailers throughout Arizona. Arizona big game tag prices vary by species and residency status. We have outlined the more popular tag options below. Please take a look and let us know how we can help get a coveted Arizona tag in your hands this year!

Arizona Pronghorn Tags

Every single pronghorn tag in Arizona is available through a competitive draw process. Unless you’ve been accumulating bonus points, you’re going to have to be pretty lucky to draw a tag here. Luckily our concierge representatives can help you navigate the odds to put you in position to hunt monster Arizona antelope!

Arizona Pronghorn Permit Tags (Draw)
Arizona resident pronghorn tag cost: $103
Arizona Non-resident pronghorn tag cost: $565

The deadline to apply for 2022 Arizona Antelope hunts is Tuesday, February 8.

Chances are that if you draw one of Arizona’s hard to get pronghorn tags, you will have a legitimate chance at a Boone and Crockett or larger buck. Check out our antelope page for more info about booking, or to find out how we can help get you an Arizona pronghorn tag.

Arizona Bear Tags

There are both draw, and OTC bear hunts available in Arizona and each option gives hunters a legitimate chance at harvesting a trophy color phase bruin! Prices vary somewhat by season and residency, but generally Arizona bear tags are affordable and offer a ton of fun for such a low price point.

Arizona Bear Permit Tags (Draw)
Arizona resident bear tag cost: $38
Arizona Non-resident bear tag cost: $165

Arizona Bear Non-Permit Tags (OTC)
Arizona resident bear tag cost: $25
Arizona Non-resident bear tag cost: $150

Diamond Outfitters offers hunts for all draw and OTC bear hunts. Hunters can choose to hunt behind a seasoned pack of relentless hounds, or spot and stalk big bruins while glassing scenic canyon country. The choice is yours and there’s plenty of room for you in an Arizona bear camp this year!

Arizona Deer Tags

Arizona offers draw and OTC deer hunt options for both Coues whitetail and mule deer. Some Arizona deer units take years and tons of bonus points to draw, yet others can be drawn nearly every year! Arizona deer tag prices vary by season, a hunter’s age, and residency status and great tags are available to those who apply!

Arizona Deer Permit Tags (Draw)
Arizona resident deer tag cost: $58
Arizona Non-resident deer tag cost: $315
Arizona resident junior deer tag cost: $38*
Arizona Non-resident junior deer tag cost: $40*
*Junior deer tags only valid for special youth only Arizona deer hunts

Arizona Deer Non-Permit Tags (OTC Archery)
Arizona resident OTC deer tag cost: $45
Arizona Non-resident OTC deer tag cost: $300

The deadline to apply for 2022 Arizona Deer hunts is Tuesday, June 14.

Our hunters enjoy very high success rates for all Arizona deer hunts. From the desert floor of the southern units, to central AZ and all the way up to Kaibab and Strip country, Diamond Outfitters has a specialist familiar with your hunt unit. Get in touch to learn more about getting an Arizona Deer tag or how to use one on an epic deer hunt with us!

Arizona Elk Tags

Arizona is home to some of the largest bull elk on the planet and it might be easier than you think to draw an Arizona elk tag! Arizona elk hunts are available in a variety of options for rifle, muzzleloader, and archery seasons.

Arizona Elk Permit Tags (Draw)
Arizona resident elk tag cost: $148
Arizona Non-resident elk tag cost: $665
Arizona resident junior elk tag cost: $63*
Arizona Non-resident junior elk tag cost: $65*
*Junior elk tags only valid for special youth only Arizona elk hunts

The deadline to apply for 2022 Arizona Elk hunts is Tuesday, February 8.

We specialize in all Arizona elk hunts and regardless of season or method of take, we target big, mature bulls. Arizona’s trophy elk are legendary and every single elk unit in the state could produce a B&C bull, even some easier to draw late tags!

Arizona Javelina Tags

Javelina tags can be acquired over the counter (OTC) or through the draw process. The annual bag limit is two (2) javelina in Arizona and hunts for these guys is an absolute blast! Arizona’s javelina populations are doing well throughout much of their range so you might as well get two Arizona javelina tags this year!

Arizona javelina Permit Tags (Draw)
Arizona resident javelina tag cost: $38
Arizona Non-resident javelina tag cost: $115
Arizona resident junior javelina tag cost: $28*
Arizona Non-resident junior javelina tag cost: $30*
*Junior deer tags only valid for special youth only Arizona javelina hunts

Arizona javelina Non-Permit Tags (OTC Archery)
Arizona resident OTC javelina tag cost: $25
Arizona Non-resident OTC javelina tag cost: $100

Arizona javelina hunts with Diamond Outfitters are action-packed and can be combined with OTC archery deer for a multi-species hunt experience. We might glass them up, call them in, or a combination of both during your hunt and each encounter will etch itself into your memory bank forever!

Arizona Mountain Lion Tags

Arizona’s population of nearly 3,000 mountain lions is controlled primarily through hunts offered throughout the state. This is a very reasonably priced OTC opportunity for both Arizona residents and non-residents and Diamond Outfitters has some of the most unrelenting lion hounds in the west!

Arizona Mountain Lion Non-Permit Tag (OTC)
Arizona resident mountain lion tag cost: $15
Arizona Non-resident mountain lion tag cost: $75

Hunts behind one of our experienced packs of hounds will lead you on an adventure not matched by other types of big game hunting. Your lion guide will rely on years of experience and a passion for his craft to take you on an unforgettable trip into Arizona’s lion country!










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