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References & Testimonials

We have well over 1,100 happy clients that are ready to speak with you as a reference. Many have provided us feedback that you can read below. Please contact us to receive as many phone numbers of our references that you would like. Our past hunters are our best sales people!

Melissa Bachman Trophy Mule Deer

Dan, I just wanted to say what an amazing camp and operation you have. Some of the best and most helpful guides I've ever seen. All work as a team, and we got it done! Beautiful buck!

-Melissa Bachman

Diamond Outfitters and its guides did an outstanding job of helping me to accomplish my goals and dreams for an antelope over 90 inches. I consistently felt that they were my partners passionately concerned about helping me to get the most out of this unit, this tag and the hunt. Great job guys, my antelope scores nearly 92! Thank you for being a key part in such a special once in a lifetime experience.

Taylor S

Diamond Outfitters is a first class full service outfitter that prides itself on quality, professionalism and taking care of the small details…. The communication between Dan and my guide months before the hunt were second to none….The organization certainly earns a 5-star highest rating….the equipment, food and facilities are top notch….my guide is a renowned expert and I was fortunate to hunt with him…from my first meeting with Dan I had a good feeling about Diamond Outfitters…my initial impressions proved to be spot on….thanks for an absolutely awesome hunt and record-book animal!

Tim A (OH)

What can I say but WOW! What I experienced was incredible. Archery hunting elk in the rut has got to be the most exhilarating hunt I have ever been on. I saw more elk on the first day than I had on all my other elk hunts combined. Your exceptional knowledge of the area and the elk had us inside the herds continuously. I have to mention the the day we had two big bulls fighting in front of us and tow small bulls so close behind us I could hear them breathing. Now that's that's getting up close and personal. I say again, WOW! Diamond Outfitters is top notch and I would recommend you to anybody looking for a great hunt. I will hunt with you again.

Barry K

Dan, you and your team exceed every expectation that I had! Thank you and everyone at Diamond Outfitters for an amazing outdoor experience in which I harvested a Kaibab Cactus buck! I feel blessed and could not have asked for a better guide. He is now a friend for life. He demonstrated knowledge, skill, guidance and patience that is obtained through experience and earned my respect. The other guides in camp are all excellent guides and fun to be around as well. The food and accommodations were the best I have ever experienced in a hunting camp. Cowboy Jim and Dave are gracious cooks and a pleasure to be with. Loved the Dutch oven cobbler! If there is anything I can do for you and your team let me know!

Don P. (CA)

We had a great time with wonderful people, my compliments on your selection of guides! We went 2 for 2 on trophy Coues!

Stew S. (OR)

My archery bull elk hunt with Dan Adler of Diamond Outfitters in unit 9 was incredible! It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to hunt with guides Paul and Ray, both very professional and excellent at calling bugling bulls, putting me on bulls nearly every day. I was very impressed with their knowledge and hunting skills. They both worked exceptionally hard and as a result, I was able to harvest a beautiful giant bull! The entire Diamond Outfitters staff that I encountered (Dan, Paul, Ray and Nate) worked extremely hard to make this hunt a very memorable experience for me!

Greg P.

Simply put, it was time well spent. My expectations were exceeded, and friendships were made. The staff was excellent and they are quality men. Atmosphere around camp was always upbeat. There was quality and tasty food! Thanks to Paul for his dedication and effort on my behalf. Looking forward to returning and thanks again for a great hunt!

Gary D.

Thank you so much for giving me this amazing experience. I will never forget this amazing day.

Autumn H. (15 years old, her first big game animal 358 inch bull)

Dan, thank you for the great experience that you provided to my family and me. The professionalism that you and your team displayed was outstanding every day. You lead by example and it shows in every member of your team. Great men.

Rob H.

Dan and Jon are first-rate guides! Enjoyed his company and the hunt! Big bull down!

Terry P.

You have one of the most organized outfits I have hunted with. Everything was top notch!

Gregg M.

Dan – I just want to say “thanks!” for the great week of hunting elk in Arizona. You and your crew did an awesome job keeping all your clients housed, fed and as comfortable as weather conditions would allow. You run a 5 Star outfit. I really enjoyed meeting and getting to know most of your guides while in camp. You have a great bunch of talented, hard working men. Thanks again and looking forward to hunting with you again someday.

Wyatt D.

Dan has a first-rate operation. I have hunted with him two times. The camps are clean, well-stocked and comfortable. His staff are professional, competent and good company. The food is good and plentiful. I’m already booking another hunt with Diamond Outfitters.

Peter V.

My guide Ricardo was great! He was a great teacher and put me on deer every day of my hunt. His cooking was top-notch and he was good company the whole time. Because I was never taught as a kid, I needed to hire a “Dad” to show me how to hunt. Ricardo was perfect for this hunt. Thank you!


Our guides Mike and Jeff were great! Overall experience was a 10+! Nice Job and Thank You!!


Vince is an exceptional guide and we got to be good friends during my elk and deer hunts. Troy really knows his stuff and is 100% a great guy. Had a great lion hunt with him.

David W. (harvested lion and Coues deer in back to back weeks)

I have hunted twice with Diamond Outfitters and guide Chris, and plan to hunt with them again. Very organized operation, with skilled, hard working guides. Makes for a great operation. Thanks Dan and Chris!

Dick R.

It pays to get a lion tag during your hunt. We doubled on mountain lions the first morning on a deer hunt. Memory of a lifetime! Oh, and STILL got our deer!

Tim O.

I would love to be able to hunt with Diamond Outfitters again. My guide Brett, was awesome. He worked his butt off to try and find a deer. Nate, Dan and Paul went above and beyond to help put us on deer as well. Even if I had not harvested a deer, I would still use Diamond Outfitters again.

Ron H.

I would like to take a minute to say “thank you” to Paul, Nate, Ray and Dan. It was a great experience for me and thanks to my brother for taking me. Everything was exceptional. Super nice people and hospitality. Could not have asked for a better trip and experience. Absolutely loved every minute and I sure hope I get the chance to do it again!

Rosey K.

Thanks, Dan for an enjoyable hunt. My guide Dylan was excellent in every aspect of guiding. I’m not a world renowned hunter but have a number of Western and Alaskan hunts under my belt. He was one of the best I ever had. I was impressed how well he did and thank you for hooking him up as my guide.

Erv W.

Had a great time on our deer hunt. Phil did a great job and went above and beyond to make sure we had a good time. Everything went great with “Pops” on the drive to and from the airport. I would recommend this hunt to anyone looking for an adventure.

Dave J.

Dan – I had an amazing hunt and had a fantastic time. Guides were great, and I’m already looking forward to hunting with them again.


As I am now 61 years old, it was on my bucket list to hunt elk out of a remote setting. It was a wonderful experience for me being able to push myself but not over what I could handle. Getting to rent a rifle and then shoot my elk at 550 yards was amazing. Arriving 2 days early to get used to the altitude was a plus since I live at 450 ft. above sea level. The guides and management were all great and ready to help someone else as soon as their first client tagged out. My guide Dylan was not afraid to take his pickup in the roughest terrain he could find to get away from people and into where the bulls were. Even when in a dry year I was still able to take a tremendous bull and it will look great beside the fireplace at my whitetail camp in PA. Thanks again for a great hunt and a special thanks to Paul and Tim for helping get my bull out.

Ammon W.

Paul is a great guide; he is knowledgeable about the area, mule deer, and day to day planning. He had all the right equipment, great strategies for hunting canyons, intuition, was able to adapt to difficult hunting situations, accommodate my partners physical abilities, extremely well organized, “studied” the hunt every night, was a patient teacher to a hunter new to western hunting glassing techniques, allowed me to use his Best of the West rifle (to make a single 565 yard kill shot – woohoo!!), recruited the help of his awesome son Nate, and taught me how to skin/cape a deer (including a great tenderloin) without gutting the animal! There was great comradery (I felt as if I was among friends rather than hired a guide). He took the best photos I’ve ever seen (made the Diamond Holiday card that year)! This was seriously one of the best hunt experiences (my first with a guide) that I’ve ever had. I highly recommend Dan and Paul at Diamond Outfitters!!

Rick B.

Great “guide match” for me with Justin. One of the best I have had the privilege of hunting with. He was fun to be with, very knowledgeable and understood the potential of a 73-year-old elk hunter in me. He provided a most comfortable camper sleeping arrangement, particularly with the frigid temperatures that we were experiencing. Thank you for a great hunt and thank you for all you do for Veterans!

George K.

This was the first time I hunted mountain lion and I learned a lot from my guide Troy. He was great; always kept me informed, explaining what we were doing and why. I had a great experience. Cannot wait to return!

Tom C.

Right from the start, Steven was very concerned about our frame of mind and insuring we had the best experience possible. I have been on several big game hunts out West but had never actually camped in a tent as we did on my Coues deer hunt. Steven went to great lengths to make our accommodations as comfortable as possible. I actually enjoyed this type of hunting verses “lodge sleeping”. I’m looking forward to future hunts with Diamond Outfitters!

Ryan B.

My guide, Pat Romero was fantastic! He was able to get me a nice bull even though I was ill. He is a true professional.


I really, really enjoyed my coues deer hunt! It is beautiful country and an elusive animal. If I had done a DIY hunt, I would have been shut out. My guides glassing abilities were fantastic and essential to my hunt success. His unparalleled knowledge of the area was also key to my success. We saw several bucks and I missed my first opportunity, but then took a really nice buck at 580 yards. I will say that the Coues deer is a challenge and the hunt was more enjoyable than I thought it would be, largely because of the challenge. I would recommend Diamond Outfitters to any hunter.

Bob R.

The guides, camp, food and mules on my hunt were exceptional. I really enjoyed the hunt and will always recommend Diamond Outfitters.

Dan G.

Dan, I want to thank you and my guide Chris for a fantastic elk hunting experience. It was great that you could spend some days in camp with us too! The hunt was everything I expected, and it was thrilling to hear and see so many mature elk! Thanks for everything!

Rich C.

Diamond Outfitters is a class act. I had a great trip from start to finish. When the rut is slow and you’re still on elk every day, and even multiple times a day, that says something. We saw more shooter bulls than I could imagine. Sleeping quarters were great. Nothing got wet even when it rained a few days. The food was absolutely amazing. Overall, my hunt was way more than my dreams ever imagined.


I can’t say enough positive comments about my guide Ryan! Great hunt – we concentrated on a couple of bulls over 400” because I have shot some large bulls with my bow in past years.

Kevin P.

My guides Dan and Pat are true gems. Professional and personable while extremely knowledgeable and pleasant to be around. Pat has a rare talent of knowing the game animals as well as the clientele and is easily capable of addressing both in a professional manner. I was impressed by Pat’s willingness and patience to work through my health issues and provide the maximum experience possible while always attentive to the safety issues. He was a true “pack mule” and went above and beyond to make the hunt as easy as possible for me. He had everything we every could have needed and was very well prepared for success!


Dan, thank you and my guide Chris for the incredible elk hunt and services you provided. When I found out I had been drawn I couldn’t believe it. My husband and I discussed the issues at hand and decided I should hire a guide service. We did not know the area and I would be hunting alone. I slowly weeded through a list of 10 or so guide services and after many questions I felt comfortable that Diamond Outfitters was best suited to help me with my hunt.

Chris and I began our hunter-guide relationship long before the hunt and was ready to help me with any and all my concerns. Chris even met with me and my husband prior to the hunt to show us around the area I would be hunting, which greatly helped me to understand the rough terrain and high altitude that I was preparing for. Thanks to Chris and his expertise in guiding, I harvested a great elk at 190 yards, which is now in my freezer!

My living quarters for the hunt were great, good food and good people who were absolutely the greatest! I thank Chris and all his other friends I met on Thanksgiving Day, his wife and family for helping me have a fantastic hunt. I would recommend Diamond Outfitters to anyone looking for a first-class operation. Thank you for making a “hunter grandma” feel comfortable and successful with her hunt!

Donna M.

Diamond Outfitters is a first class, full-service outfitter that prides itself on quality, professionalism and taking care of even the small details. The communications from Dan Adler and my guide, Pat Romero, weeks and months before the hunt were second to none. This organization certainly earns a 5-star rating! The equipment, food and facilities were top-notch. My guide Pat is a renowned expert on Coues deer, and I was very fortunate to have him as my guide. He is not only extremely knowledgeable and hardworking, but is a true professional and a gentleman in every sense of the work. His son, Patrick assisted us as well on the hunt and first spotted the huge record book buck that I ultimately harvested. From my first meeting with Dan Adler two years ago at GSCO, I had a good feeling about Diamond Outfitters. My initial impression proved to be spot on and I have no need to look for another outfitter in this area of the country. Pat and Dan, thanks for your years of service to our great country and thanks for an absolutely awesome hunt!

Tim A.

The ability of my guides to spot these very difficult animals was impressive (Coues Deer). This is a very relaxed style of hunting with many hours spent glassing. If possible, I would encourage Coues hunters to have high powered optics as the deer are as difficult to see (even when you know their location) as any mountain game I’ve hunted. A spotting scope is essential too. Thanks for a great hunt and pleasant camp life!

Larry L.

Pat Romero demonstrated a rare talent for being able to adapt to both male and female hunters and thought of everything to make the hunt truly enjoyable for us. Pat was patient, very attentive and handled himself very professionally throughout and truly seemed to enjoy what he was doing. It is rare that someone possess the talent and patience to deal with novice hunters and anticipate their needs up to and including “walking them through the shot”! Enjoyed the hunt tremendously and look forward to future outings!

Tammy P.

Pat Romero and Dan Adler are a true professionals. Best guides I’ve had anywhere in the USA!

Mike C.

Will and Mark made for a great guiding team for myself and my hunting partner. Will has the abundant energy, enthusiasm and endurance. Mark was very knowledgeable and made good suggestions about where, when, and why we were going where we went to hunt. We thought everything was top-notch and were treated very well by Diamond Outfitters staff. Hope to see you all one day for an Arizona Desert Sheep hunt! Thanks again.

Allan R.

If it were not for the determination of our guide to get both of us a buck on this hunt, I doubt it would have happened. We had to work hard to get away from other hunters and find good Coues bucks. Thanks both to our guide Vince and his brother for all their efforts on this Coues deer hunt with Diamond Outfitters. Killed a “Booner” now life-size mounted in my home!

Wayne F.

The best overall hunt I've ever had. First guided hunt but hunted my whole life. Camp was a blast good company and food. Guide Joey was very impressive glassing up all the Coues deer. Hopefully planning another hunt and only with Diamond Outfitters, great guides, great time and communication was awesome!

Scott S.

Everyone supporting this hunt was terrific and up to your highs standard. My guide was able to find Coues deer with little outside influence and I had several opportunities. His extensive knowledge of the unit we hunted in was evident and critical to the ultimate success of the hunt. The camp was fine and nothing beats a great meal and campfire afterwards. Thanks for a great hunt and some terrific memories.

Terry L. (TX)

A great hunt! I was in quality bulls almost every day! The camp was set up well with good equipment and accommodations. My guide worked very hard and was always trying not only to get me a bull but also teach me about elk which I really enjoyed. Diamond Outfitters gives you more than a hunt but the experience of a hunt with friends.

David S. (WI)

My guide was great at locating animals with binoculars and a spotting scope. I was amazed most of the time. I was very happy that I was fortunate enough to take my first bull, I am very happy. My bull is already at the taxidermist. It will always be one of my best trophies because of the experience and will always remind me of the best hunting adventure of my life.

Jesse R. (PA)

Great hunting staff, cook and accommodations! What more could you ask for? Everyone was so accommodating and nice and always put the hunter first weather eating or hunting. It was clear everyone was on the same page with the same goals to ensure a great hunt and customer satisfaction. I would highly recommend Diamond Outfitters and Dan’s team of experienced guides to anyone considering an elk hunt or any other hunts they provide.

Chris C. (AZ)

I was lucky to be hunting with Diamond Outfitters. My guide respected my hunting knowledge and then added his wealth of knowledge for a great hunt. This combination helped me harvest a 6x7 bull elk. My guide was amazing with the knife when the real work started, explained what he was doing and then we packed it out. The food in camp was good and it was nice to hear all the other guides sharing information amongst themselves in an attempt to have all hunters in camp get their elk. Thanks to Diamond Outfitters for a great hunt!

Scott H. (AZ)

I filled my bear tag opening morning about 20 minutes into the hunt! What a hunt, one I will never forget! This was my second hunt with you guys, what a great outfit! The camp was set up well, very nice and comfortable. Your guides are very personable, polite and great to get along with.

Brandon E. (AZ)

My guide was absolutely great! On time, polite, knew area very well, excellent with the bino's and spotted lots of bull elk. The experience with Diamond Outfitters and the entire hunt was really fun. Thank you for putting my hunt together with such short notice. Diamond Outfitters will be a first choice for future hunts.

Trevor V. (AZ)

It was nice to finally meet you in camp Dan. I certainly enjoyed my hunt and all the other team members. Great accommodations and food and everyone was so helpful. It was clear that we (hunters) came first. You have built a great team and it shows. Teamwork is important in all aspects of life and organizations as I know having worked in large corporations for 41 years.

Chris C. (AZ)

My guide was outstanding. He made it very fun and exciting even with challenging weather and me throwing in my wife to tag along at the last minute for him. I would love to hunt with him again any time anywhere for any species. We ate like kings.

I had a great time and tagged a great elk. I can't say enough good about the whole experience.

Tom M. (MT)

The camp was very well set up and I harvested a great bull. Guides and camp personnel were very helpful. The team was great at packing out elk and I was very impressed to see how the guides came together to help the hunters that had not yet tagged out. It was great teamwork and after seeing that I am sure no matter what I would have had a successful time.

Jim C. (WI)

This camp was one of the best of seen short of a full blown lodge. Great cooks! Plus an awesome heated wall tent. My guide was great and really knew the area. I harvested a great elk on opening morning.

Terry L. (TX)

Thanks Dan and Diamond Outfitters! Dan proved to be very helpful in getting this hunt set up at the last minute after another hunt I had planned fell through. This was an outstanding hunt for me. I would recommend Diamond Outfitters to anyone. You guys spot animals like they are on a GPS! I saw many trophy mule deer and Coues deer on my hunt. We hunted sun up to sun down, just the way I wanted. I hope to return soon for my next hunt!

Conley M. (AK)

First thing I would have to say is what a fantastic hunting trip I had with Diamond Outfitters. And what a great guide I had, one of the best you could ever ask for. Dan and company did one heck of a good job with the whole program, nice sleeping quarters all the food you could eat and great hunting. What more could a person ask for? I know I am going to regret saying this because I know next time I want to hunt with Diamond Outfitters they will probably be all booked up and not have any openings for me. But I would highly recommend Diamond Outfitters for any big game hunt they guide for! You can’t go wrong with these guys, they will work their tail off for you until everyone in camp has their trophies. I was so pleased with this hunt that I hope to come back next year. There are so many good things to say about these guys that a guy could go on forever. I am a proud reference for Diamond Outfitters, just don’t ask me who my guide was cause I won’t share him, ha ha!!

Kevin S. (WI)

Dan, overall our hunt was awesome. Both guides did a great job. My brother and I will always cherish the memories of our elk hunt. It was really fun to hunt with you guys.

Travis W. (TX)

I have many fortunate years of hunting with guides, I would rate the experience with Diamond Outfitters among the best. The communication, attention to details, the genuine desire by all for the success and enjoyment of the hunters was incredible. Most importantly the shared strategies for opportunity and joint efforts from all the guides in camp was second to none. This was a great testament to the operation with everyone pitching in. The camp was well laid out and much thought was given to make it as nice as possible. The food was excellent and always a surprise, especially the peach cobbler. It was one of the few trips I put weight on while hunting. The guides are first rate hunters with clear focus on my desired outcome. Lastly, I really appreciated the attitude and fun spirit of all members including the guide and cook team. I cannot wait to share a campfire with Diamond Outfitters again!

Ken B. (GA)

I would like to thank Diamond Outfitters and especially my guide who did a fantastic job. He was a hard worker, very enlightening and enjoyable to be around. Starting from opening day until my trophy antelope buck was down on the ground he was relentless and had his binos glued to his eyes until we found “the one”. I would highly recommend Diamond Outfitters to anyone looking for an enthusiastic , knowledgeable and prepared guide. For my next hunt they will be the first one I call.

Paul R. (AZ)

My guide gave me 100% everyday for 10 days! Guide, outfitter, camp and meals all 10 out of 10. I would recommend Diamond Outfitters for anyone looking for an Arizona hunt of any kind!

Tony G. (GA)

It was a pleasure hunting antelope with Diamond Outfitters. I have no complaints or concerns of any kind. I killed early in my hunt with a buck near the top of their hit list!

Tom M. (ND)

Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful hunt. As you know Dave and I got a really nice, big bull. Dave did an excellent job and is a wonderful guide whom I highly recommend. Take care and again thank you for a great experience!

Jeremy G.

Please give Logan a big pat on the back for his hard work and willingness to do whatever it takes to make it happen. He was so thoughtful and always making sure I was good and had no needs. He does not give himself enough credit for his abilities. We made a memory on Long Point that I will never forget! Thanks again.

Todd K.


I want to personally thank you and everyone at Diamond Outfitters of Arizona for a truly amazing hunting experience. You and your team exceeded every expectation that I had. The sleeping quarters were comfortable, the guides were awesome, and the meals were absolutely delicious. I could not have asked for a better guide. Pat is simply amazing. He is patient, extremely knowledgeable, and easy to get along with. Both Pat and yourself epitomize what being a guide is about: providing a memorable hunting experience as well as guidance to make us better hunters. The other guides in camp are top notch as well. While they could have gone home early since their hunters had already tagged out, they stayed to ensure that I had every opportunity to harvest a quality bull elk. Thanks to you and your team, I was able to harvest a phenomenal bull elk. If there is anything that I can do for you and your team, please let me know. I am more than happy to provide any assistance that I can. I am looking forward to booking future hunts with Diamond Outfitters of Arizona.

Jim C (AZ)

Another successful hunt has come and gone and I have to tell you, I’m really disappointed….I’m not disappointed in anything that has to do with you or Diamond Outfitters, I’m disappointed that it’s over….Dan, you and your crew are not only incredibly skilled guides, more importantly, I am proud to call you my friends….Because of you, I successfully harvested my first archery bull elk….What a rush….I have been a rifle hunter all my life and now I’ve been bitten by the archery bug – and I have been telling the story to anyone who will listen ever since….I can’t WAIT to get out there again….If there is anything I can do for you, all you have to do is call….Whether it’s to be a standing reference for anyone considering hiring Diamond Outfitters or anything else you can think of, don’t be bashful….It will be my pleasure to help you and my other pals at Diamond Outfitters.

Kevin C (AZ)

Diamond Outfitters and its guides are true professionals… guides I have had anywhere in the USA!

Robert R (FL)

I have been very lucky to have hunted on three continents and the island of New Zealand. On these hunts I have killed over 60 different species of recognized big game animals, including the Super 10 of North America….I must say that our guide, was one of the best of all guides and P.H.’s I have had the privilege of hunting with on all of my hunts….His mules and tack were great, his concern for my son-in-law and my safety was always first….the guides knowledge of the deer and country was outstanding….I would highly recommend Diamond Outfitters to anyone….I also enjoyed the other two guides and camp cook, all were very friendly and made us feel very much at home….I would like to thank Diamond Outfitters….I would like to see our paths cross again on another hunt!

Ron S (IL)

This was my second hunt with Diamond Outfitters. I found my guide on this hunt was resourceful, thorough and detailed. He has strong people skills and wisdom beyond his years. I have found the outfit to be accommodating and professional in every way. As a business owner myself, I would be proud to have such examples of skill and professionalism in my organization. So, the question is not if I would hunt with Diamond Outfitters again but when.

Bob D (FL)

I took a great buck on opening day and my hunting buddy scored a great buck two days later as well….great guides, quality equipment, excellent food and most importantly everyone had a great attitude….it felt like hunting with family….I highly recommend Dan and can’t wait to hunt with them again!

Darryl (CA)

After our hunt was greeted with really bad weather the animals were holding up pretty tight. Our guides told us that they had a great buck held up in a canyon that would require a very demanding hike into a mountain through a canyon….after several hours of glassing we glassed up a buck that seemed really big to me…..if not for the determination of our guides I doubt we would have scored on this hunt….the eleven point 110 6/8 Coues deer made the record book….thanks Diamond Outfitters!

Wayne F (OH)

Can’t say enough positive comments about Diamond Outfitters and my hunt with Ryan….we concentrated on a couple bulls over 400’….had the opportunity at a 360’ at 15 feet….wonderful hunt!

Keith V (TX)

Thanks Diamond Outfitters… guys are true professionals….Despite me feeling ill for most of the hunt I was able to get a great bull…will book my wife’s elk hunt with you asap!

Dave S (AZ)

Dan, thank you and my guide for the incredible elk hunt and services you provided…..When I started looking for a guide I had a list of ten or so guide services (being a lady huntress I wanted to do my homework)…after several e-mails and phone calls I knew Diamond Outfitters was best suited to help me with my hunt….what a great choice and thanks for a terrific animal that will grace both my freezer and my wall….I would recommend Diamond Outfitters to anyone looking for a 1st class operation!

Donna M (AZ)

I have hunted all my life….I am a professional taxidermist…..the guides in our camp really knew how to hunt Coues deer…..very impressed with the efforts of the guides….on a hunt with tough weather and some pressure we got deer because of your knowledge and efforts…thank you!

Arne B (AB)

I was quite impressed with our two guides, Andy & Phil; solid military backgrounds, excellent work effort and they both "fed" off of each other in the field with a team-work mentality. I strongly agree I will hunt with you again!

Ron P (WY)

Guides were some of the best I’ve hunted with anywhere. Camp was one of the best I’ve been in short of a full blown lodge. Great cooks with Gilbert and Mike and nice wall tent and a heater to take the chill off. George and Bobby were the two guides I spent the most time with understanding that George was my primary guide. George was great and really knows the area. Great eyes / good coordination / hard working and easy to get along with. Great work ethic to help everyone including guiding in support of hunters that haven’t harvested an elk yet. That goes for all 5 of them.

Overall a 10+!

Terry L (TX)

We had a great successful hunt! Two for two! Bobby and the team were the best! Thank you, let's do it again!

Jay L (CA)

Dear Dan, I wanted to thank you for making my daughters Jr. only elk hunt a successful and very memorable hunt for both me and especially my daughter. Our guide was sensitive, understanding, professional and relentless in the pursuit and retrieval of our game.

Diamond Outfitters places the same value on a hunt weather its a "Juniors Only" or a trophy bull hunt. I would recommend Diamond Outfitters to any parent wanting to get the next generation of hunters off to a successful and memorable start. Our guide was more than a guide, he was a mentor to us and now I am proud to call him my friend. Please consider me a life long customer, a reference and an advocate of Diamond Outfitters.

Todd B

I'm not usually at a loss for words Dan but I sure am now. I just checked off a major item on my bucket list: harvest a great archery bull elk--and you made it happen. I am not sure how I can thank you enough. This is something I have dreamed about long before I had the pleasure of meeting you and I can't think of another partner I'd rather share this glorious experience with. My son Billy, my dad, my cousins--they're all green with envy. I look forward to getting some of those people out to your camp so they too can share such terrific memories as those I have of time with you.


The ability of the guides to glass animals at very long distances was unreal…..having hunted on 4 continents I didn’t expect to meet the hunting world’s best glassers in Arizona….thanks for a great hunt, great animal and pleasant camp!

Larry L (MI)

Diamond Outfitters demonstrated a rare talent for being able to adapt to female and male hunters and thought of everything to make the hunt truly enjoyable….you guys are patient and very attentive and extremely professional…I can tell you really enjoy what you are doing….It is rare that someone possesses the talent to have a professional and personal conversation and the patience to deal with highly experienced and novice hunters in the same camp….you really walked me through my shot when I was at my most nervous moment…look forward to future outings with you!

Mikey S (AZ)

My early bull was matched with the perfect guide team for me……great combination of energy, enthusiasm and endurance matched with knowledge and good communication skills….my non-hunting partner of 20 years also said it was a top-notch trip and was treated very well by your staff….hope to be back with you for my desert sheep hunt!

Alan R (CO)

On my lion hunt all the guides were totally accommodating to my expressed needs and wishes….the dogs they used were as good as any I have ever hunted with….the mules were gentle and reliable….you men really know the outfitting business….I will be back!

Dennis D (WA)

Your camp was clean, well organized and the equipment/facilities were up to the task….The food and beverages prepared by Daniel and Rodney easily met the standard….The bear hunting was fun and educational to say the least….My friend and I are ready to return and I’ve started a more serious workout routine in anticipation of seeing the AZ mountain again with Diamond Outfitters!

Dick G (TX)

Hey Dan….I think that my guide did an outstanding job….I have hunted for other species in Coues Deer country before but never Coues Deer….your team worked hard to provide us with comfortable accommodations…. My hunting partner and I are very experienced hunters. We hunted from sun up to sun down. We covered ground on foot and covered the territory glassing and the end was result is two mature, hard earned bucks….The hunting area had great terrain, food, cover, water and a remote location….

Mark M (TX)

Dear Dan, I thought your guides did an extremely good job….They’re good guys, and they worked really hard all day – long days. Got a great buck!

John H (TX)

This was an excellent hunt and adventure. Hunting on mules was a real pleasure. Your team is extremely friendly and helpful….overall a great experience….my first Coues deer to-boot….can’t wait to come back!

Rob S (IL)

Dan, I had a great hunt and couldn't recommend your outfit more strongly!

Glenn (CA)

You were the right outfit for me….I got to learn about a tent camp and what it takes to hunt a small, deer that knows how to hide well….Got to do a lot of glassing (now know what this entails) and use my new Rangefinder….Bottom line, I am very satisfied with the hunt and all the effort you put forth!

Bob R (AZ)

My guide was extremely professional in his efforts to help me get an elk…..if I draw again I would love the opportunity to hunt with him….my guide went out of his way to help me and that made a huge difference in my experience….great hunt!

Wim W (WA)

Absolutely incredible, what else can I say!

David M (TX)

Diamond Outfitters and it’s guides are professional, personable and extremely pleasant to be around…you guys really know the game….you guys are “pack mules” and you went above and beyond to make my hunt a success…you were very well prepared and always provided for my safety…..this was the best hunt of my life!

Rick T (UT)

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