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Mountain Lion Hunts


Our lion dogs are considered "best in class" as they are relentless both on snow and on dry ground with guaranteed success! Mountain lion hunters come from as far away as South Africa to hunt lions with us! The mountain lion is one of the most challenging cats to hunt anywhere on earth. With cunning instincts, a second-to-none will to live and binocular vision, Arizona’s lion population at near 3,000 cats, is above the state population objective and is also having a negative impact on most wildlife species in our state, especially mule deer and Coues deer. As such, our lion season is approximately 9 months long and tags are over the counter. The most productive way to hunt mountain lions with us is with hounds. Hunts are conducted largely on private land, or wherever a recent cat has been spotted. Hunts are typically out of trucks with dog boxes or on horses for those who like to ride. We guarantee our dogs will tree a lion on your hunt or you come back for cost! For the most adventurous lion hunter, we will take you on the Arizona strip, the number one area for lion and mule deer in the Western United States. Boone and Crockett toms are common and hunters will be in for a true remote, western experience that is second to none!


A FREE lion trophy fee is INCLUDED in most Arizona deer, elk, sheep or javelina hunts with Diamond Outfitters. Click here to contact us for more information.

5 Day 1:1$5,500
7 Day 1:1$6,500
7 Day 1:1
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