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Black Bear Hunts

Black Bear (Arizona)

Black bear hunting can be done over the counter with a near 100% success rate. No other state offers more color phase bears per-capita than Arizona! Hunts are conducted spot-and-stalk from glassing points, canyons and ridges with water holes also equally effective on pre-scouted bruins. For those that prefer it, hunts with hounds "rig" style are also available. This is one of our most popular OTC hunts with 2 August seasons and an October season that is just as incredible. NEW, we now have 4 million acres extensively private land bear hunts as well.

2:1 5 Day$3,500
2:1 7 Day$4,000
1:1 5 Day$4,000
1:1 7 Day$4,750
1:1 4 Day (Exclusively Private Land)$5,000

Black Bear Photos