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Meet Our Guides

Dan Adler

Outfitter, Guide/Professional Hunter, TV Personality & Author

Dan is the owner of Diamond Outfitters of Arizona and a TV co-host for The Best of the West on The Outdoor Channel.

Dan and Diamond Outfitters' guides are trusted by Safari Club International (SCI), The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, The Dallas Safari Club, The Wild Sheep Foundation, The Western Hunting and Conservation Expo, The NWTF, Grand Slam/Club Ovis and more as featured seminar hosts on hunting trophy elk, coues deer and other Western big game.

Dan is a Veteran Captain of the United States Air Force and graduate of the University of Arizona.

An accomplished archer and rifleman, Dan Adler has harvested elk, mule deer, coues deer, eastern whitetail, antelope, black bear, grizzly bear, turkey (Eastern, Rio's and Merriam's), javelina, wild boar, alligator, Asian water buffalo, axis deer, Sika deer, Stone Sheep (Ireland), Ibex, exotics and more.

Dan's hunting expeditions encompass Arizona, Alaska, Illinois, Kansas, California, Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, New Mexico, Ireland and South Africa. With nearly three decades of experience, he has the knowledge, resources and staff to assure you an incredible experience!

Pat Romero

Pat Romero is a Veteran of the United States Army and has nearly three decades of federal service. Like Dan, Pat is an instructor for The Arizona Game and Fish Department's Firearms and Bow Hunter Safety Course and is a committee member of The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation's Tucson chapter. Pat has over 30 years of hunting and guiding experience and has hunted in a multitude of states which include Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Alaska and more. Pat is a highly respected hunter and sportsman. He is a re-known hand loader of quality ammunition that his clients and fellow guides have been able to depend on for years. His clients consistently harvest trophy specimens of Arizona's most desired big game animals. He is one of our most experienced guides and has an incredible gift for glassing at unimaginable distances. Pat provides his clients an opportunity for a memorable and successful hunting experience that is truly second to none. Pat is considered by his clients and peers as one of the top guides in the state and as the best coues deer guide in the world.

Mark White

Mark White is an avid hunter with numerous years of experience in the field. Mark has hunted in many of the lower 48 states and has also hunted in Alaska and British Columbia. He has a huge assortment of trophies in his collection, ranging from grizzly bear in Alaska to coues whitetail from the Sonoran Desert. One of Mark's passions is to guide for giant mule deer. Mark has guided his clients to trophy mule deer in excess of 200 B&C points. Mark belongs to numerous wildlife organizations which promote conservation and fair chase. Like all the guides for Diamond Outfitters, Mark has an incredible ability to find and judge game at extraordinary distances. Mark's vast experience, ability to glass and cover ground quickly and his knowledge of trophy game will provide our clients with a lifetime of memories.

Mark Swift

Mark Swift is also a very experienced guide and hunter with over 30 years of experience chasing North American Big Game. Mark has also taken some of Alaska's most sought after game including Dall sheep, Moose and a Mountain goat. Additionally, he has taken Elk, Coues deer, Antelope, Mule deer, Javelina and Turkey in the west. Mark consistently guides early season elk hunters-both rifle and archery, coues deer rifle hunts and January archery deer/javelina combo hunts. Mark is a long time supporter of wildlife conservation organizations and has been involved in federal service for most of his adult life. Mark is also an excellent glasser and can easily hike into the most steep and rugged country to find your trophy. Mark has a lot of stories to tell and is a fun, knowledgeable guy to be around.

Brian Payne

Brian Payne is a 3rd generation Arizona hunter and a graduate of the University of Arizona. Brian has volunteered numerous hours working with groups such as The Arizona Game and Fish Department, Arizona Hunters Who Care and The U.S. Forest Service on fish and wildlife habitat restoration projects. With over 20 years of hunting experience in Arizona, Brian has spent a great deal of time both in Arizona's high country in persuit of elk, mule deer and black bear, and in the desert of Arizona in pursuit of coues whitetail, desert mule deer and javalina. Brian's amazing glassing ability and knowledge of game and their habits combined with his ability to navigate the back country and find the "hot spots" will maximize your harvest and trophy opportunities.

Ryan Blair

Ryan Blair is native to northern Arizona and grew up in the heart of elk country. Ryan is a 3rd generation Arizona hunter and a graduate of Arizona State University—although the U of A guide staff alums try not to hold that against him! Ryan has harvested big game in many western and eastern states. Ryan truly loves glassing for trophy animals in the backcountry remote areas. Ryan is a member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Mule Deer Foundation. Ryan has a passion for the outdoors and being out there with Arizona's magnificent animals and considers it a true blessing. Ryan's passion for hunting often finds him chasing bugles and glassing Coues deer. When Ryan is not hunting (which is not very often) he loves fishing, camping, setting up trail cameras and just spending time with his family. When hunting with Ryan, be prepared to hunt hard and be in as good as shape as possible. He loves to escape the hunting pressure with his clients far, far away from the roads.

Kevin Payne

Kevin Payne is an Arizona native, also raised in the heart of Arizona's elk country. Kevin grew up in a devoted hunting family and developed his passion for hunting and the game he pursues at a young age. Kevin is a graduate of the University of Arizona where he fell in love with the grey ghost (Coues deer) of southern Arizona. Kevin is experienced in the pursuit of elk, Coues deer, mule deer, and javelina. Kevin participates in wildlife conservation projects in cooperation with many organizations including the US Forest Service, AZ Game & Fish, AZ Hunters Who Care and the AZ Elk Society. Kevin truly enjoys every aspect of the hunt and will make yours a memorable one. A hunt with Kevin is a blast, typically with lots of encounters with animals and a never-quit attitude that lasts the entire hunt.

Chris McCotter

Chris McCotter is a transplant to Arizona from the farm fields of Michigan and has been hunting Arizona for over two decades. He picked up a bow 20 years ago and has successfully spot and stalked elk, deer, antelope, bear, turkey and javelina. Along with archery he has a passion for remote backpack hunting and has been known to venture in to the back country for multiple days carrying camp on his back and his bow in his hand. He has put on several backpack hunting clinics at Sportsman's Warehouse and the annual AZ Game & Fish Expo sharing a variety of trial and errors as helping others gain the knowledge to increase their success in the back country while returning home safely with a pack full of game meat. As much as he likes to hike the back country he also has a passion for glassing for animals and will do so under any conditions to find game for those holding a tag. His hunting travels have taken him to some beautiful country in Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. Chris is a Life Member of the RMEF as well served as Tucson Chapter Co-Chair for three years and Committee member for almost a decade. He is also a certified Arizona Hunter Ed Instructor and enjoys educating our next generation of hunters and shooters. In line with that some of his best memories are all the times he has assisted hunters in taking their first-ever coues deer, elk or javelina. With his 20 years of work in a customer service industry he puts that experience towards catering to his client's needs and providing them a hunt of a lifetime.

Andy Behrens

Andy Behrens was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. Andy is a Veteran of the United States Army. He served two tours in Iraq, and one tour in Afghanistan. As a child his father introduced him to hunting when he was four years old. He currently lives and works minutes away from Southern Arizona Coues Deer country. Andy donates his time throughout the year helping on the SCI Arizona Chapter junior hunts. Andy is an incredible glasser at long distances. Andy has harvested many deer and Elk in Arizona with both a rifle and bow. Not including the animals he harvested in Old Mexico, Texas, and Michigan. Andy will go the extra mile to make sure you have a pleasant experience and an exciting hunt. Andy is in fantastic physical condition and can help you pack way back into the woods to up your odds at a trophy. When not hunting and scouting, Andy loves spending time with his family (they are also hunters) friends and training Brazilian Jiujitzu.

Bobby Boido

Bobby Boido moved to Tucson in 1970 at the age of 14. His hunting career started at age 8 when he would follow his dad through the oak covered ridges of Sonora, Mexico. He could see then the excitement of his dad had for grabbing his trusty 30-30 and head to someones ranch to hunt Coues. I have never lost the urge to get behind my tri-pod mounted 15's and sit all day waiting for the Coues deer.

He has harvested 9 of the "Big 11" animals in Arizona, only a Buffalo and Rocky sheep to go. His passion has been to hunt as many species as he can, having ventured to South Africa where he took 7 plains game animals. Growing up reading Jack O'Conner and buying a 270 , his dream came true in 2006 when he went to the Yukon to take a Dall sheep. He was lucky enough to draw a desert sheep tag, taking a very mature 10 year old ram, so he is stuck at a half slammer. He has hunted in 9 states in the US, 3 provinces in Canada, South Africa and Sonora.

His passion, although Coues deer in the cold fall and Elk in September is up there, is taking first timers to the challenge of taking a Coues deer. He has guided for over 10 years, 6 of those on the famed Kaibab for Mule Deer.

He is past president of the Tucson Hispanic chamber of commerce, past president of the Southern Arizona Varmit callers club, past president and current Executive Director of the Arizona Chapter of Safari Club International. I am a life member of the NRA and the North American Hunt Club. He is now nearing his 50th year as a sportsman!

George Alcorta

I was born in the heart of Coues country in the hills of Southern New Mexico. As a kid we moved to Tucson. I have spent my entire life living in Coues country. I come from a family of 9 with all of my brothers growing up following our dad and uncles on fall hunts. It was not unusual for us to venture on our own from camp, success came often and soon the deer pole was filled.

My most comfortable days, aside from being with my family are spent high on a hill side glassing for Coues deer. My goal of taking a "booner" Coues came with my bow first. I have taken Coues with my rifle, muzzle loader rifle, hand gun and archery equipment.

Chasing Elk with a bow in hand is as much of a challenge as is Mule deer, where I have been able to harvest 5 of the big ten animals with my bow. My off season is spent volunteering on water catchments or any other conservation/ desert related projects.

I have been employed by Frito Lay for over 30 years and am the senior team driver. I am a board member of the Arizona Chapter of Safari Club International. Serving on the board has it's rewards, taking kids hunting ! To see a young hunter take their first big game animal is what it's all about, passing the torch of passion one feels with success!

Most of my hunting has been in Arizona, I have traveled to Alaska for Caribou, with other hunts in 5 other states and Mexico. I currently guide in Sonora, Mexico as well as Arizona.

From my many years of hunting I have been able to harvest 16 Coues deer over 100 inches. Some of my fondest memories are watching and guiding a kids first hunt. Another highlight was guiding my wife and daughter and watch them take their first animals!

Corey Cox

Corey Cox has hunted and guided for 25+ years. Glassing game at long distances is his passion. He credits his glassing ability to his patience and ability to pick up small strategic movements in high quality glass. Corey is a AZ native and played baseball all through college. He now also coaches club baseball teams including The University of Arizona baseball team. He has two passions, hunting trophy Coues whitetail and coaching high level baseball. His ability to work with hunters and players goes hand and hand. Corey's ability to keep his hunters involved and helping them learn about the game they are after is a great knack of his. He has harvested many Coues whitetail, mule deer, bull elk and javelina. Most importantly, coaching or hunting, he is always going to make the time a blast for all.

Bryan Wheeler

Bryan Wheeler is a Veteran of the United States Army and has lived in Tucson for two decades. Bryan is very familiar with trophy animals, with 4 Pope & Young elk under his belt and many Coues and mule deer. Bryan loves to both archery and rifle hunt; however Coues deer hunting is his passion. Bryan has harvested many deer and Elk in Arizona with both a rifle and bow. He has also harvested many animals in Wyoming, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, Virginia, and Texas. Bryan will go the extra mile to make sure you have a very pleasant experience and the most exciting hunt you could ever experience. Bryan is in great physical condition and can help you increase your odds of a trophy by packing way back or up high into the woods or desert. In his spare time Bryan loves spending time doing Taxidermy work, hunting predators and hunting with family and friends. Bryan has assisted many friends, family, and young teens with harvesting their first Coues deer. Bryan is a member of various hunting organizations and has a Master's Degree in Homeland Security. If Bryan is your guide you are probably after some of the biggest elk and deer our state has to offer.

Kirk Sorensen

Like so many of the guides at Diamond Outfitters, Kirk is a Coues deer and elk fanatic. Kirk also has some history hunting lions and also is licensed to guide on our private ranches in New Mexico. Kirk is extremely talented and individuals hunting with Kirk will want to be in good physical condition and be able to shoot at long ranges. Kirk knows the state well, and really studies to make sure all of his clients have incredible experiences.

Phillip Giarraputo

Phillip has been in Arizona since 1989. A Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Phillip transferred to the USAF in 2005. His passion for the outdoors has led to many great hunting experiences including hunting Aoudad Rams in Texas, assisting in elk hunts in Northern Arizona, Bow hunting Eastern Whitetail in New York and Javelina in Southern Arizona. Overall, hunting Coues whitetail in Southern Arizona is his passion. Phillip is an incredible glasser and hunters lined up with him are in for the total adventure.

Dan Zellner

Dan is a northern Arizona native that grew up in deer and elk country. He comes from a long line of hunters, trappers and loggers. With that background, it's no wonder why he has always had such a deep passion for the outdoors. He has successfully harvested mule deer, Coues deer with a rifle and bow, elk, bear and lions. He spends countless hours each year hunting, scouting, and looking at big game animals. Dan's clients commend his knack for glassing animals in the thick stuff. He knows what it takes to find game and close the distance.

Ralph Vidal

I've been Coues crazy since I took my first Coues buck at the age of eleven years old. Born and raised in Tucson, AZ, I've been truly blessed to be able to harvest this critter, as well as mule deer, elk and javelina with a stick and a string. I've guided in both Arizona and Mexico. Glassing and getting close for a sure shot is one of my best attributes. Scouting with family and friends makes for great memories. From finding the best sheds in late spring to picking cactus fruit in the summertime I enjoy it all. I've had the pleasure of guiding and working with members of our military, nothing says freedom better than when you're on top of the world with 15X binos on your face taking apart the desert in search of the Grey Ghost. We hunt hard, have fun and put them down. Like all Diamond Outfitters guides, your tag is my tag!

Joey Kretschmer

I was born and raised in southern Arizona and I quickly became obsessed with hunting the harsh terrain of the desert. As a child I accompanied my father and uncle on their hunts, taking every piece of advice they gave me and putting it to use. At the age of 11 I took my first deer. Since then I have hunted all over Arizona as well as in Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, and Michigan. I have a true passion for the outdoors and go to the field at every opportunity. Whether it's glassing for Coues deer in the desert, calling mountain lions under the darkness of night, or chasing bugling bull elk, I am 110% dedicated to making your hunt the hunt of a lifetime.

Stephen Naranjo

I was born and raised in southern Arizona. I come from a family with strong roots in hunting and trapping. I have over 25 years of hunting experience in Arizona. I have volunteered numerous hours with Arizona Game and Fish assisting with water projects, deer surveys and deer camps. I am a member of the Mule Deer Foundation and was President of our local chapter for one year. Through our chapter we assisted local ranchers with removing fencing and worked on water projects. I have been guiding clients in Arizona for numerous years on elk, deer, javelina, and bear hunts. If I'm not hunting, I'm out spending countless hours in the field putting up and checking cameras, learning new units, and glassing for new spots to find that trophy of a lifetime. In addition to hunting, I have been a coach for the youth in our community for 7 years. I have volunteered my time as a coach for AYSO Soccer, Flag Football, SAYF Tackle Football, Basketball, and Little League. My greatest passion in life is hunting and the outdoors and I will do whatever it takes to assist my client in taking home the trophy of a lifetime.

Brian Eason

Brian found his lifelong passion at age 8-the first time he touched a compound bow. That passion has never quelled, it has, in fact grown into a lifetime of hunting everything from turkey to world class elk. Brian has an uncanny ability find, pursue and harvest world-class animals. His lifetime of hunting and guiding has proven so successful that hunters come year after year to hunt with Brian. He grew up hunting the Missouri woods and came to Arizona for the first time in 1998 to hunt the elusive ‘Grey Ghost' Coues deer. Brian never looked back. He has spent the last 18 years hunting and guiding. During that time he has guided many hunters and enabled them to take their trophy; whether in the Northern regions of Arizona for world class elk and antelope to the mountains and deserts chasing Coues and mule deer , Gould's turkey and desert sheep. Brian truly has an all-encompassing love for the outdoors and hunting and one of his greatest pleasures is to see his client go home with the experience and trophy of a lifetime.

Vince Martinez

I was born and raised in southern Arizona and have been pursuing the outdoors and hunting since age 17. My passion for hunting and the outdoors started when I met a mentor and father figure who enjoyed sharing his knowledge and 40 years of experience. Vince has an impeccable talent for spotting a multitude of animals. He's experienced in waterfowl, upland birds, predator, javelina, Coues Whitetail, Mule deer, Elk and even fishing. Vince is always taking advantage of any opportunity to hunt whether it's for a client, family, friends, or for himself. He is an avid archer but is just as experienced with a rifle. Making the best out of each hunt and doing whatever it takes to get it done is what he enjoys the most. Precise knowledge and ability to handle diverse terrain gives him a great advantage on his hunts. He enjoys each experience and is just as eager to learn from the animals as well as the people he works with.

Scott Adams

I was born and raised in the small mining town of Morenci, AZ at the base of the White Mountains and currently live about 15 miles from there on a remote 40 acre parcel of land that abuts the Apache National Forest. I've been hunting Arizona for over 40 years. I love to hunt elk, bear, javelina and mule deer and especially Coues deer. I started seriously hunting them about 25 years ago. I love the rugged country they live in and thoroughly enjoy backpacking into remote, beautiful country to hunt them. I run a lot of trail cameras, always looking for the older, mature bucks that are a real challenge to hunt. I enjoy spending time hunting and backpacking with my sons who are probably more fanatical about hunting than I am! I'm also a volunteer Hunter Education Instructor for the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Ryan Feringa

Ryan was born and raised in AZ and currently resides in Gilbert with his wife and 2 sons. Hunting has been a way of life for him since he was 14. He is a “people” person and you are guaranteed to have some laughs while hunting with him. He loves hunting Elk in the early season but especially in the late season. Like a lot of the guides on our team, Ryan is an avid Coues deer hunter. He is highly motivated in finding Coues bucks over the 100” mark and his track record for killing/finding quality deer speaks for itself. He likes to hunt these deer in some of the lower deer density, higher, thicker terrain in central AZ. In order to be a successful hunter here in AZ, Glassing is the most important key. Ryan’s goal is to be successful on every hunt and glassing is one of his greatest skills. He works extremely hard at anything he does and will go above and beyond for you no matter what hunt you have.

Troy Baxter

Troy is an Arizona native with a lifetime of experience in the outdoors. A professional cowboy when not hunting, Troy has extensive background guiding clients with hounds for mountain lion in addition to guiding several elk and deer hunters each season. Troy's professionalism lead many return clients to ask for him by name. On or off livestock, Troy will show you a fantastic hunt!

James Adams

James lives in the heart of some of Arizona's prime elk, deer and bear country. A very patient and systematic hunter, clients are impressed with his knowledge and work ethic. James loves to get way off the beaten path and clients who hunt with James will enjoy some remote and often less pressured areas. James spends a ton of off time scouting with his family.

Les Gibson

Les is a very accomplished hunter and caller. Les is part of our core team on the North Kaibab for mule deer and down south in some of Arizona's best Coues units. Les also can call all forms of wild big game including lion and bear. If you are hunting with Les, you will enjoy his calm demeanor combined with killer instincts when it's "go time".

Gilbert Quintana

Gilbert is a leader in Southern Arizona as President of the Arizona Chapter of Safari Club International. As President, he leads the SCI movement in Southern Arizona and is very involved in youth hunting activities. A very experienced Coues hunter, Gilbert will knock your socks of as your guide. When not with a client, Gilbert is a champion camp chef as well. Gilbert is a lot of fun to be around and an extremely knowledgeable guide.

Mark Kuhn

Mark has in excess of 45 years hunting experience. He has hunted in Arizona for more than 35 years and has guided rifle and archery hunters for Coues deer, mule deer, elk, antelope, javelina, turkey, predators, and quail. Mark has hunted in 18 different states including Alaska, as well as Saskatchewan, Alberta, Newfoundland, Sonora, South America, New Zealand, Europe and Africa. Additionally, Mark volunteers as a mentor for AZ Game & Fish sponsored youth deer, jackrabbit and turkey hunting camps as well as the women’s only javelina hunting camp. He is also a certified AZ Game & Fish Hunter Education Instructor. When not hunting or fishing, Mark maintains his physical condition by playing racquetball, soccer, weight training, aerobic training and kickboxing.

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